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Go Green With LED Holiday Lights For 2014 Christmas Light Decor

Updated on October 23, 2014

Christmas Light Decoration Choices

Christmas lights are most often very important decorative items for the holiday season to be festival and joyful. Nothing interprets better this special holiday as a house, pine tree or other centerpieces glowing with colorful or warm white holiday lights. Most of the families may start to purchase the holiday lights months before the holiday season. In the retailer stores, we can find various lighting choices, from mini string lights, C9s, solar decoration lights, LED holiday lights etc. The Christmas lights come in all shapes, different sizes and colors. There are really several main lighting choices.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Holiday Lights for Indoor & Outdoor Decoration

The most obvious difference of the decoration lights is their two different uses, that is, for indoor decoration or for outdoor decoration. Usually, for those decoration light bulbs with mark of outdoor use only, they are not suitable for indoor use. The outdoor lights may burn very hot and that may easily cause fire. For indoor decoration, check out whether the lights are marked with indoor only. The indoor decorative lights can hardly survive the outdoor harsh environment.

Indoor Christmas Lights

C7 and C9 Lights for Holiday Decoration

C7 and C9 lights are just among the most popular Christmas lights, especially widely used for holiday decoration in the latter half of the 20th century. But in recent years, they are not that popular. The C7 lights are usually 2 inches long, and C9 lights 3 inches long. The lights can be screwed into the sockets and give out a high level of brightness. In this sense, it is much flexible to customize the lights. They are long-lasting lights, though not as long as LED lights.

Incandescent Lights for Christmas Decoration

Incandescent lights seem much commonly used in the past few years since they are much smaller and flexible in decoration. The incandescent mini lights are a bit like C7 and C9 decorative lights. One incandescent light strings usually include no more than six hundred light bulbs. Incandescent lights have different sizes and that makes them easily go with different occasions. It is more cost effective to use the incandescent lights since they will give out less heat.

LED Holiday Lights

LED lights seem much favored nowadays. Besides for Christmas use, LED lights are often used for other special occasions. They have been popular decoration light choices ever since the start of 21st century. Compared with C7 and C9 lights, the LEDs are much more efficient. Similar to incandescent lights, LED lights can be designed with various sizes and give out colored light. But what incandescent lights do not own is LED lights are very durable and will hardly become warm after long time of illumination.

LED Lights for Christmas Season

Solar Lights for Decoration

Solar lights are much new choice in the past few years. Just like the LED lights, solar lights are designed with purpose of answering environment issues. They are environment friendly lights for decoration and very cost effective in the long term. But usually, people will not choose solar lights for the Christmas decoration. For one thing, they are pricey. For another, there is not nice sunshine in the winter. As long as the winter is cloudy or dark, the lights can hardly be bright enough. That will hardly ensure the decoration effect.

Solar Decoration Light

Trend of Christmas Lighting Decor

For any grand holiday, people love to use modern decorative lights to beautify and personalize the unique holiday and create magic atmosphere. It is really attractive to see the glowing lights in the dark night. Then what are the types of decorative lights that people love to use in recent years? Or what is the new trend for Christmas light decoration?

The most obvious new idea on Christmas lighting decor is low-budget lighting. Christmas season is much more spending and the decoration lights, if seen everywhere inside or outside the house, will consume even more dollars. People tend to cut budget on the lights yet still make the lighting decoration spectacular by choosing cost effective LED holiday lights. Miniature Christmas lights are still popular but garlands with large ornaments and lights are latest trends in home decorating. We can see a lot of modern garlands accented with LED lights placed around the dining table during holiday season. The garlands with led lights can also make the Christmas trees impressive. The Christmas lighting decor also tends to the innovation in the bright colors, unique designs of the lights. Besides, DIY Christmas lights seem much popular. We can see people tend to DIY lights by using a lot of LED lights to decorate their favored car or truck. Gorgeous decorative lights adding exotic look to colorful holiday decor with glowing garlands. People also upgrade traditional lighting decor ideas, by making traditional mini lights or string lights with bulbs shaped like flowers, hearts, stars and add some other ornaments to the lights, or use LED lights to shape in the way they love.

More times than not, the warm holiday lights we typically see nowadays are actually LEDs, not incandescent lights of the past. LED holiday lights just cater to the consumer demand by mimicking incandescent lights for a look that’s much softer. Besides, it is much safer to use the LED lights during the holiday season. Moreover, LED lights needs fewer maintenance and can last long. That is the trend of replacing the traditional lights with LED lights for holiday decoration.

Cost-Effective & Eco-Friendly LED Holiday Lights for 2014 Christmas Season

We can see one of the lighting trends for Christmas is to use eco friendly LED lights which is also very versatile in creating impressive holiday night scenery. Making the holiday light decoration eco friendly doesn’t necessary cost too much. Try to make best use of those diversified LED lights to create a green yet sparkling Christmas season. The data show that LED lights use 90% less electricity than traditional bulbs. The choice of LED lights can cut down your electricity bill as well as reduce your carbon footprint this season. Moreover, we know LED lights are more durable and maybe this year, you invest more in buying the led lights. In the next few years, you do not have to invest any more on them because you can re-use he lights.


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