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Gobble-de-gook...A Happier Thanksgiving, Thanks To Turkeys.

Updated on October 14, 2009



a happier Thanksgiving

thanks to turkeys!!



Imagine if those pilgrim folk
had found no turkey necks to choke,
and turned instead to buffalo
grinding it's cooked up meat to poke
it deep in things intestinal,
making long links that soon would grow
into the hot dogs we all know.

Then what if corn was not the food
that savages ate in the nude,
suppose the Injun's brought legumes
into those first Thanksgiving rooms,
to boil and combine with meats
cooked on long sticks just for this feast,
but when consumed would soon release
a most historic noxious beast.

At that first gathering it'd cause
each pilgrim's nose to take a pause
and think the natives quite unclean
then maybe chase them from the scene
shouting old English words obscene.

Which would result in many fights
from angry tribes not treated right
and many new to this country
would die from Indian savagery.

But soon the pilgrims all would know
not just the natives plagued them so
for there amidst their own proud ranks
would rise odors so foul they stank.

The whole encampment soon infused
with rotten stench and souls confused
accompanied by some thunderous sounds
from every person all around.

As turkeys in the bushes howled
at all the pilgrims so befouled.

Perhaps these choices for their dinner
would keep folks down through history thinner
for no one would prepare a plate
that causes stink to procreate.

But this is just a myth you see
Thanksgiving means a lot to me
with gobbledeegook on my turkey
cranberry sauce and much gravy.

Some pumpkin pie and fresh sweet corn
from that huge plate I can't be torn
one time a year each glutton smiles
and fills their gullet up with style.

It's a day of prayer
let's all give thanks
that the Pilgrims didn't eat
Beans and Franks!!!!!


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