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Good Birthday Gifts for Bosses

Updated on October 16, 2014

Birthday at the Office


Selecting Good Gifts for the Boss

It is never easy to find good birthday gifts for bosses. By thinking about the person, what their job is, and what the company does you can make sure what you select is the right gift for them. The best gifts are generally ones that will be used by the person either at work or while doing what they love out of the workplace. It is fairly easy to know whether an item can fit in their work routine or what kind of hobbies they have or places that they go with family and friends. Depending on your relationship with the individual will determine whether you want to provide a gift that is more personal in nature and will be enjoyed outside the work location. If you have a very formal business relationship it may be best to give a traditional gift which is something for them at the office, but if you also socialize with them in non business situations such as on the golf course something related is more than appropriate.

If you are struggling for the right solution for giving to the boss then consider one of the easy ways out of this annual task. Gift baskets can be great middle of the road birthday presents for a boss because they can then choose to either put it out in the office for all to enjoy or take it home to share with their family. Dinner gift certificates can also be a nice gesture and depending on the person you can easily customize the present to fit their likes. Another sure bet is an Apple gift card.

The following gift ideas are good birthday gift ideas that can be ordered and delivered to the office quickly.

Great Gift Baskets for Bosses

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Gift Basket Options

Gift baskets are the easiest way out when it comes to purchasing a great gift for a boss. You should have a basic understanding of the person before buying, however it usually hard to go wrong. If the person is a general health fanatic then select one of the more fruit and nut focused baskets whereas if they are the person that has a bowl of candy or chocolates on their desk then a gift basket with a selection of chocolates and other gourmet treats may be in order. Female bosses may appreciate "spa" gift baskets and can be a perfect way to show your appreciation for all their support during the year.

  1. The Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift by Golden State Fruit is an excellent selection of roasted and salted almonds and pistachios. It also includes dried fruits such as dates, prunes, apricots, peaches, pears, plums, and apples. Set in a nice wooden case this is a perfect gift for a boss that is health conscious, works out regularly, etc.

  2. Art of Appreciation makes a huge selection of different gift baskets that are perfect for a boss to enjoy with other coworkers at the office or take home for the family to enjoy. The Large Sweet Sensations Gourmet Food & Snacks will be a hit with any boss. It is nicely decorated and comes in a basket and comes with a large variety of goodies including: butter cookies, chocolate toffees, wafer cookies, chocolate covered caramel corn, chocolate raspberry cake, and additional items.

  3. Another Art of Appreciation basket that is sure to be well received is the Large Renewal Spa Bath and Body Set. Spa gift packages can be perfect for the female bosses at your work place, they can be accompanied with a nice note telling them to take a few minutes and relax because you know they work so hard everyday. This basket comes with a several jasmine scented products and a four piece skin reviving kit that includes a Sisal hand glove, Sisal bath sponge, mesh back scrubber and a hand held massager. Also included are a body lotion, cleansing bath gel, exfoliating body scrub, body spray, body butter, bath crystals, rose petal soap, and candles and a fresh jasmine scented potpourri.


Gift Certificates Can Be Good

Restaurant Gift Cards
Everyone likes to eat out at a nice restaurant and purchasing a gift certificate might be the right choice for the boss. If you spend a significant amount of time with your boss you likely know the types of food that they eat and you can customize this gift to fit their specific taste. When selecting a birthday gift certificate do not go to McDonalds or the local Burger King make sure to select a nice restaurant. It does not mean you have to avoid chain locations, but fast food is not the right place. There are many decent chains and individual dinner locations that a meal for two can cost $25 and that tends to be an easy number to start at for a gift certificate. You do not need to get them enough to feed the whole family if they have a large family then pick a place that could be considered a date night and purchase the gift according to what a standard dinner for two will cost. You do not need to purchase a large enough gift card to include for drinks, however you may decide that $50 is better for a fun night out on you for the boss.

Apple Gift Cards
If the boss owns an iPhone or iPad consider picking them up an Apple iTunes gift card. This is a simple and easy gift. They can choose how they spend the money and they know that you at least tailored your gift to something that they have and enjoy. The gift card can be used tio purchase a book, music, movies, or download a new app.


The Perfect Office Gifts

Giving a pen, notepad, paperweight, or other traditional office gift is the perfect gift to be used at the workplace and remind the person everyday of the good birthday present you purchased for them. Depending on your budget you can really go all out and pick something that is very special or get something on the cheap end that is utilitarian.

  1. The Montblanc Meisterstuck Classic Ballpoint Pen is a high end corporate birthday gift for an executive that requires a stylish pen for signing contracts and taking notes in meetings. The pen is engineered with precision for excellent penmanship and comfort. These are made in Germany and pure class.

  2. A Refillable Genuine Leather Composition Pocket Notebook is perfect for the person that takes notes regularly in meetings and is constantly brainstorming new ideas for the company. It is easy to refill the notepad with new pads of paper and store them for later retrieval. It is size makes it perfect for the on the go business person that needs to be able to take notes or jot down thoughts away from the desk.

  3. A unique and special piece of desk art that can act as a paperweight on an executives desk is the Glass Eye Studio Volcano Blown Glass Paperweight. Made in the US with ash from the 1980 Mount St. Helens volcano eruption. This is sure to catch peoples eye and be something that your boss can cherish. Be unique if you decide to go with something for the desk, there are many different colorful and artsy paperweights available so make sure to be bold in your choice if you want to ultimately be used on the desk or nearby in the office. The traditional ones end up getting put in a drawer and forgotten, but special ones will be enjoyed and displayed for everyone to see.

Birthday Present Giving Is Fun


Favorite Gift for Bosses

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    • Millionaire Tips profile image

      Shasta Matova 4 years ago from USA

      These are great ideas for birthday gifts for your boss or manager. Luckily, in our office, we tend to avoid birthday gifts, and just get them for big things like babies, weddings, retirements, etc. We do bring cake, cookies, or flowers for birthdays though that the whole office can enjoy. Voted up.