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Gothmas: Dark and Alternative Christmas Jumpers

Updated on December 6, 2017

Already we are a week into December (crazy right?) and so of course, everyone has been on the hunt for festive jumpers. Unfortunately for those of us who prefer items of a dark and mysterious nature over those which are painfully bright and colourful, it can be a difficult and tedious task trying to find the right jumper that both displays our Christmas cheer but also most importantly makes us feel comfortable and like ourselves.

So with that being said I decided to go on a hunt for jumpers that suit these requirements so you won't have to.


To kick start our list we have the Krampus Christmas jumper from the amazing Etsy store ''Boredwalk''. Because what's more festive than a child beating, half goat, Christmas demon?

If you have not yet been acquainted with the Krampus legend then you should know that there's worse things that can happen to you at Christmas than being put on Santa's naughty list. Krampus has a ''naughty list'' of his own, but it won't be coal he drops off, no. It'll be beating from his birch sticks and a one way ticket to his lair in the underworld. So just make sure that if you hear those sleigh bells ringing, it's not the Krampus outside ringing his bells.


For my fellow horror fans out there this jumper featuring some of the most iconic slasher killers is perfect for this this season. This jumper is available on eBay in a variation of different sizes and for a fantastic price too. I really love the traditional festive print combined with the subtle detailing of the blood dripping snow flakes that break up the rows of our favourite killers.


In keeping with the horror theme, the Etsy store ''Twistedsaint'' has a very Christmassy zombie jumper that even has a zombie elf festive print along with zombie's in place of Santa's reindeer (Zomdeers? Too much?). Even if you're not a fan of zombies yourself, you're sure to know someone who is and this jumper would make a perfect gift.


The Bewitched Ladies Christmas Jumper from Grindstore Originals is a simpler design but it is definitely my favourite of the gothmas jumpers by far and it's only £21.99! Again the traditional holiday design combined with the spookier elements give off a very subtle yet festive Christmas witch aesthetic.


Ebay is doing great this year with their range of gothic Christmas jumpers and another one I had to include was this super spooky snowy bat sweater. Like many of the others on this list, the design has kept with the classic print that we have come to associate primarily with the Christmas season. They have also managed to add understated crosses as well as rows of ghosts and spiders with the main feature being the adorable bat in the centre. Each individual aspect of this sweater screams Halloween, but collectively they come across so daringly festive.


The Alchemy Santa Reaper Christmas jumper is available from ''Kates Clothing'' and is a humourously macabre sweater that will definitely ensure that you stand out in a crowd of the otherwise ugly Christmas jumpers that everyone loves this time of year.


And finally to complete our creepy but festive, Christmas jumper list we have another product from Grindstore. This time a rib cage mounted with some contrasting pink Christmas tree baubles as well as some little Christmas trees along the borders to really emphasise how much holiday cheer we feel on the inside even if we don't always look so cheery on the outside.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have enjoyed this article and that it has helped you to find this years perfect Christmas jumper or at least given you some inspiration of what to look out for. If you have any favourites from this list then please feel free to use to polls to find out how many people feel the same way you do.

As always you are welcome to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and if you haven't caught up with my other Christmas articles you can find them on my profile.

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