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Gourmet Nuts - A Popular Gift For Corporate Offices

Updated on March 10, 2014

Why Give Nuts?

Next time you need a gift for a business associate, consider sending over a basket of mixed nuts. They make an ideal gift of thanks or congratulations or for the holidays.

The great thing about nut baskets is that they are easily shared by all at the office. They’re fun to snack on and don’t require refrigeration and can be left out for all to help themselves to.


Give a Nut Tin

If you don't have the budget to send big gourmet holiday gifts, then why not go simple yet smart and send a tin of gourmet nuts? They will be appreciated just the same, and your customers will appreciation your thoughtfulness. You could even send a couple different kinds of nut tins to offer them a little bit of variety, and a gift that can be shared around the whole office.

Business Gift-Giving

Nutty Gift Basket

Want to offer a little variety when you give your corporate gift? How about nut gift baskets? Offer a nice selection of nuts along with other snacks like crackers, pretzels, cookies, cheese, and other tasty treats. These are idea for larger offices, so that everyone gets a little something.

Or, if you are dealing with a large corporation, why not send one to each branch within the business? It will be much appreciated when a client gets more than just a cracker or bite of a cookie.

Big Nut Basket

These baskets are the best of the best. They are filled with lots of yummy nuts and treats. Your customers or employees will be delighted to open these up! Inside these baskets, you'll find a wide variety of food gifts like almonds, peanuts, trail mix, honey sesame stix, corn nuts, cashews, pistachios, and more. Doesn't that sound delicious?

Mix Your Own

Do Your Homework

It’s not hard to figure out that nuts make the perfect office gift. They’re a treat that most people are happy to grab a handful of. Of course, check before hand to see if your recipient has any allergies to nuts before shipping over a big basket.

You can always ask a secretary or office assistant if you’re not sure. Most times, the nut box, basket or tin is the absolute perfect way to say thanks or congratulations. It’s personal enough that business associates will enjoy it. But it’s also upscale and decadent enough to show you sent a corporate gift that is well-thought out and in keeping with a business relationship.

Do you have a nut allergy?

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Do It Yourself

There are many sites online where you can shop for nuts. But you can also find nut gifts in catalogs and in brick and mortar retailers. Save yourself the shipping fees and create your own basket if you like. Just purchase nuts from the grocery store or in bulk and package in airtight containers. Pretty tins or jars that seal are a great way to showcase your gift.

Nuts are a simple yet wonderful choice for gifting at the corporate level.


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    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 5 years ago

      Nuts are a great corporate gift idea as long as they are high-quality. Love baskets and tins that have a variety.