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Gourmet Xmas Presents: An Appetizing Gift For Your Man

Updated on June 30, 2011

Gourmet Xmas Presents: Best Choices For Your Man

Appetizing Holiday Gourmet Presents
Appetizing Holiday Gourmet Presents

It’s getting close to that time of year when you need to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to get for the men in you life. Maybe you already know the perfect gifts to get and maybe you’ve already shopped ahead, leaving the rest of us behind in the dust…wondering what the heck we’re gonna do, repeatedly calming our nerves and pushing that ole gift giving anxiety into the background. Here’s an idea though that might help you flash thru your xmas present list quickly: gourmet xmas presents just might present an appetizing gift for your man or the whole list of men in your life.

Gourmet food used to mean very high quality and expensive gifts available to only those with big pockets. They also used to be considered very much a specialty item, reserved for the most special occasions. Not so today. Gourmet and specialty foods are now not only reasonably priced but plentiful.

My husband always laughs when I say, “the way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach” since I’m a lousy cook. I tell him I compensate for that by being a great shopper. And to underscore that talent, this year I’ve been focusing on gourmet food for the men on our xmas present list.

Here’s another reason why gourmet xmas presents has grabbed my attention this year: what if you don’t know some of the men on your list very well? Here’s an example: every year for over 20 years, I ask my best friend what xmas present to get her husband and sons. And every year she gives me the same answer: “I don’t know”. But this year I’m going to ask her instead: “what do they like to eat?” Voila! That’s a question most people can easily answer about their loved ones. That one question can beautifully resolve feeling stuck about what to get the “not well known” man or men in your life.

To get those xmas present shopping wheels turning, here’s a partial list of the kinds of gourmet foods you might consider getting for your man:

Gourmet Drinks: You can also ask your friends what their husbands like to drink. Do they have a special wine or beer? What about specialty liquors? Bailey’s, Amaretto, Frangelico. How about Cognac? Tequila?

Even better, would they like to make their own beer or wine? How about a kit to make beer, apple cider or even root beer. If your friend has children, wouldn’t it be fun for them to make apple cider or root beer with them? This could be a “doubla” then, both fun to consume and make as well!

Single Gourmet Gifts: Amazon is full of appetizing gourmet foods for the man/men in your life. It’s a bit of a dizzying assortment but it’s easier if you start with a single xmas present idea. For example, if your man is a meat and potatoes kinda guy, why not consider Omaha steaks? You have a great selection and could conceivably get him six filet mignons or a variety pak just to name a few. Add on some of Omaha Steaks’ baked potatoes to the meat selection and you’ve got another “doubla”: you’d be giving him a whole meal that you didn’t have to cook!

Dessert Gourmet Gifts: If you really want to blow your man away, follow up his drink or meat and potato xmas present with a cheescake or chocolate cake gift. What about a gourmet brownie bucket? Gourmet popcorn to go with his specialty beer gift? Doubla gourmet gifts like this is another great thing you can do with gourmet xmas presents. Combine one, two or three for added surprise and a truly appetizing assortment of gourmet xmas presents.

Gourmet Food Baskets: The ultimate gourmet xmas present is a food basket full of yummy, appetizing treats. While I don’t necessarily mean to push Amazon, they do have many xmas present gourmet baskets in the price range of your choice. Entre, dessert, snack? Just make your choice for the gift basket of your dreams. Gourmet soups, cheeses, crackers, snacks, nuts, candies and much more are all there for you to choose from.

If your man tends to be picky about his eating preferences, why not make it even more special and make up a gourmet gift basket yourself? Having done this myself on occasion, I know that adding this personal touch can be a real winner. Yet another doubla, too, since you get him a great, appetizing xmas present that you don’t have to cook yourself but you made the basket, ha! Wait, no, that’s a tripla!

Anyway, however you cook it, gourmet xmas presents offer seriously appetizing options for rapidly moving thru your male xmas presents list and putting a surprised smile on your man’s holiday face.


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