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Grandparent's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Updated on March 9, 2014

What is Grandparents Day?

Grandparents Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of each September, and it is the perfect time to remind Grandma and/or Grandpa how much you appreciate and care for them.

Gift baskets are ideal for any occasion and every recipient, and they can be easily customized to suit your grandparents’ tastes. Here are some Grandparents Day gift basket ideas to consider.

For your basket, you can be as creative as you want, and you can choose what price range you would like to remain in. Here are some themes to inspire you.


Heart-Healthy Gift Basket

If any of your grandparents (or children’s grandparents) suffer from heart conditions, giving them a basket of sugary, fatty calorie bombs is just cruel! Instead, offer a gift basket filled with heart-healthy goodies, including:

  • Almonds, walnuts, and other healthy nuts. These have good fats and protein.
  • Chocolate-free trail mix (yes, M&Ms are the best part of trail mix, but you can make do with dried cranberries, cherries, raisins, sesame sticks, and other good-for-you goodies!).
  • Apple chips.
  • No-sugar, all-natural jam, jelly, or preserves.
  • Steel-cut oatmeal.
  • Garlic nuggets (available online). These are great for seasoning dishes that could use a little extra crunch.
  • Flaxseed cookies and/or flaxseed pancake mixes. You can find wonderful recipes online. This adds fiber, nutrients, and a great nutty taste to foods.

Are your grandparents on a restricted diet?

See results

Active Grandparents Basket

Today’s grandparents don’t sit around; they are active and vibrant. They bike, hike, walk, jog, weight-train... Make workouts a bit more pleasant by including these gifts in your basket:

  • Pedometer. They can keep track of the miles.
  • Heart monitor. These are great for active exercisers of any age because they help you maintain the best heart rate for your fitness level/age/gender. A watch-style monitor won’t slow anyone down, and you can find models that combine the monitor with a pedometer.
  • Breathable cotton athletic socks.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Sweatband.
  • Weight resistance bands. These are great for strengthening and low-impact exercise. They come in a variety of resistance levels, and grandparents can use them when they’re watching TV or traveling as well.
  • Healthy flaxseed cookies (loaded with Omega 3s for overall health), bananas, protein bars, nuts and seeds, or other great post-workout snacks.



Everyone loves a home-cooked meal; not everyone loves to cook them! Give Grandma or Grandpa a night off from kitchen duty by giving them all the fixings for a meal in a meal gift basket. An easy one is Italian:

  • Fresh or boxed pasta.
  • Jar of gourmet sauce.
  • Olive oil.
  • Herbs (garlic, rosemary, oregano, and Italian seasoning are good choices).
  • Baguette or bread for dipping.
  • Bottle of red wine.
  • A baked treat for dessert (depending on their dietary needs).


Indulgence Basket

Give the gift of indulgence with:

  • Chocolate. Rejoice: chocolate is a health food (in moderation, of course!). Dark chocolate can help your heart, your skin, and your mood. Splurge a bit and buy gourmet dark chocolate treats or go a little less expensive with brands like Dove or Ghirardelli. You can also include dark chocolate-covered almonds, strawberries, or delectable pomegranates.
  • Red wine. There are a few caveats here: wine may interfere with medications, it may not be good for certain conditions, and claims of its benefits may have been exaggerated (or not; no one agrees). But if the grandparents are medically cleared, give them a bottle anyway; indulgence has its own benefits.
  • Home spa items. This tends to be more geared towards the grandmothers out there, but if granddad will enjoy a good soak, include some items for him as well. Soothing salts, loofahs, body lotion, and other goodies are perfect in a spa gift basket.


A Gift to Remember

Grandparents are among the most important people in our lives; if yours have made the effort to love you, spoil you, guide you, teach you, and spoil you some more, thank them with a Grandparents Day gift basket. Include a handmade card, and you have the ideal gift.


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    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 5 years ago from Australia

      such wonderful ideas here, we dont have a formal grandparents day in australia but after reading this I think we should!

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Such great ideas here. My grandpa has diabetes so we always have to watch what he is eating.

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 5 years ago

      Great ideas for all kinds of personalities. Thanks for sharing!

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Great gift basket ideas. Extra thoughtful for grandparents. They are important.