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Decorating Events Cheaply Using Bunting

Updated on May 12, 2015
Example of Bunting
Example of Bunting | Source


Bunting is the use of glossy clothes of different shapes to color up an event. The clothes include triangular shaped fabrics of different colors, ribbons and flags. Perhaps you have wondered why other people’s festivals, weddings or music performances look more dramatic than yours. Bunting is probably your missing link. That is because the fabric embellishments make each occasion outstanding and panoramic. Bunting is something you cannot afford not to have, for your next event due to the reasons discussed below.

Uses of Great Bunting

1. Setting the Theme

There are companies that are known by certain colors. Bunting will help to display those colors without much hassle. Moreover, every occasion should have certain themes that go with it. Colors are used to set such themes especially in weddings. An event can be bright or cool, loud or subdued, all depending on the colors chosen. For instance, red is loud while blue is cool, purple is classy while green is natural. Though these colors are sometimes captured through balloons, paint or flower arrangement, further augmenting through bunting helps to complete the picture.

2. Flags and Bunting

Flags are important when nations, states, schools or organizations meet, for the purposes of identity. Flags, especially the miniature ones, are part of bunting. The same flags can be further embellished using further bunting to help the occasions be more festive and colorful. You realize you can only set flags in a number of places, or have miniatures carried by people. This leaves a lot of ceremonial blank spaces to be filled by bunting.

3. Using Bunting to Advertise and Launch New Products

Once those small pieces of fabric are branded with your product, they literally fly. There can be thousands of them, depending on the number you want. They belong in all places, streets, religious buildings, government buildings, schools, courtrooms even washrooms. No one has anything against bunting. Since the pieces are securely stringed together, there is no danger of littering through bunting. Moreover, bunting pieces are hung well over head level, so there is no danger of them tying up your neck. They peep at you from the sides of doors, so you won’t miss them. One way or the other, the intended message gets home, anywhere.

Launching a new business, a promotion, a new music hit or and rebranded product really takes off with bunting. Anytime you find those triangular clothes hanging on a string all over the petrol station, you immediately know that something is being promoted. Bunting thus communicates that something extraordinary is happening. The curiosity of the person approaching is captured and heightened. All that remains is for the person to ask what is going on, and your information is passed.

4. Bunting for Color Matching

There are few ways to achieve color matching that work as well as bunting. Those who are interested in the artistic, know just how well matched colors create a compelling ambiance. Color is the life of everything, including meals in restaurants. An event such as yours should look its best, just like you love to look your best. There is a way in which colors can be matched through bunting to blend with the environment. The individual fabrics can also be made to match each other. The advantage of color matching in bunting is that it enhances the physical appearance of the event. The overall outcome is one you cannot regret having. Just leave it to the experts and see how well it works out.

6. Bunting as a Means of Cutting Costs

The choice of bunting over other options boils down to costs. The good news is that bunting both affordable and effective for decorating events. Electric lighting costs a fortune, and lights don’t work as well as bunting during daytime. Balloons are just great, except that so many of them are needed. Talking of costs, flowers are pricey and unlike bunting they wilt after some days. You replace flowers after a day, but bunting lives on. Paint is great too, but it’s also costly. Meanwhile, you can use bunting alone, with nothing else, to decorate. The bunting will last for days and be as good as new. So it is not a cheap option, it is a cost effective one.

Moreover, there is nothing complicated in the bunting process. Making the individual pieces, matching them, stringing them together setting them up; it is all pretty simple. Whereas, you need a specialist to do electrical wiring, it is much simpler to set up the bunting. Bunting also doesn’t leave you with pesky electricity bills afterwards. For outdoor events in daytime, you will realize that bunting works better than anything else.

7. Bunting for Environmental Conservation

The jury is still out there on the wisdom of cutting flowers in relation to the environment. Those who decorate with flowers occasionally listen to long lectures on what the Creator meant flowers to do. You will definitely hear from the same environmentalists if you wish to apply paint on trees. Such an idea of decoration may just be interpreted as pollution. Balloons too have this bad habit of bursting, scaring the bride, and leaving you with nothing. Unfortunately, the noise scares the neighbors too, and noise pollution can cause problems. Fortunately, bunting does not share in any of the problems above. Everyone knows you will carry all the bunting away when you are done, and so the environmental department can rest easy.

Bunting in a Nutshell

Bunting is a great idea for adding themes, character and décor to an event. It is a highly efficient way of marketing and launching product campaigns as well. Moreover, bunting is a cost effective method of getting all the decoration and message delivery done. And it is devoid of many complications while remaining friendly to the environment. Bunting also works for events that go on for many days since the fabric does not lose shape or brilliance. Bunting is clearly the way to go. Contact bunting experts for your next event. You will definitely get yourself a timely deal.


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