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A List of 10 Cool Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2012
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If your like me every year when Christmas rolls around you think, "Hmm, what am I supposed to get her, or him..." Well if this is you than this article is definitely for you. I always have problems because I can only really think of specific things that they like and often times they have those items from other years and even have variations of those items from other years. All given by me. As I have to come up with more ideas and unique gifts anyway I may as well take you along for the ride. Hopefully it will help some of you.


1) Classic Toys - there are many toys from days gone by that are cheaply acquired online like: Etch-a-sketch, Magician sets, Jack-in-a-box, Lite-brite, Spirographs, Viewmasters, Yo-yos, cap guns, stuffed animals, Tea sets, Wind up toys, model sets, balls, frisbees, bubbles, kites, darts hula hoops and many older action figures that you can pick up online very easily at low cost. For older children diecast models can be quite interesting.

2) Educational/Science Toys - I know what your thinking, kids aren't interested in educational toys but this isn't so. A lot of kits are experiments that allow you to make interesting things like rubber stamps, glowing objects, making a digital clock using a potato as a battery, crystal growing kits, things that they can find incredibly interesting but will also teach them something scientific. Other kits can be things that contain things like rocks, quartz, amethyst, iron pyrite, they will find visually pleasing and interesting.

3) Electronic toys - there is really two ways you can go on this old or new. Online you can find older radio controlled toys for lower prices, especially on Ebay. Or you can buy them new toys styled after whatever fad has their attentions these days. The only thing that will change will be the amount you spend trust me they'll like it either way.

4) Card games - There are a large variety of different card games children like these days from Pokemon to Chaotic. Probaby would be something you should ask your child, they can give you the most info on what they like in this category.

5) Board games - if your house isn't flooded with these than it is an easy our for you, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Risk, and many others can be purchased just about anywhere or online.

6) Books - stick with interesting things like: Ripleys: Believe it or not, Guinness book of world records, etc. Things they would find interesting. Keep in mind age group though the previous suggestions won't work if they are a toddler or younger child. Buy according to age group.

7) DVDs/CDs - if there is more family films out this is an easy out as well, for older children the types of DVD available may widen and there is also music they may enjoy. Best to discuss with your child.


1) Coins/Stamps - if they are in to collecting, love history or you want to introduce them to it there are a wide variety of singles or collections to be purchased on Ebay. I personally love ancient and medieval coins. Many of these are over a thousand years old or with medieval hundreds of years old. You can find silver bronze and other metals, they present a rich tapestry of history and will make an incredible impact on the one receiving the gift. Check out some current listings for sale online right now:

2) Automotive Accessories - if they own a car they need certain things, survival kits are a good thing to have in a car, portable battery packs, automatic starters, MP3 players, etc.

3) Certificates - if you know they like CDs, DVDs, food from a specific restaurant or other types of things buy them a certificate from one of these businesses that way they can pick out exactly what they want and again it's an easy out!

4) Electronics - for teens or adults there is a wide array of electronics to choose from, cell phones, stereos, portable gadgets of all kinds best to discuss or know what they want exactly before buying.

5) Jewelry - or watches if you want to make your wife love you more, he he, this is an easy out.


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    • terrektwo profile image

      Candle Hour 6 years ago from North America

      Mark - I'll have to give it a try Mark, I would ask that you don't add advertising into your comments in the future though, thanks.

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      Great post and great gifts and if you head over to you can pick up some really unusual and unique gift ideas