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Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Employees

Updated on April 25, 2016
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Christmas is coming! Have you picked out gifts for your employees yet? Here's a list of great gift ideas to celebrate and recognize your loyal employees over the holiday season.

Showing gratitude to staff is a must, but Christmas is an especially good time to give thanks.

Check out these creative gift ideas for your employees.
Check out these creative gift ideas for your employees.
Carriage clocks, small desktop clocks, are a thoughtful gift for valued employees. You can make your gift extra special by having a small engraved plaque attached to the timepiece.
Carriage clocks, small desktop clocks, are a thoughtful gift for valued employees. You can make your gift extra special by having a small engraved plaque attached to the timepiece.

Clocks. Carriage clocks and finely crafted timepieces make attractive gifts for employees. Clocks are not only practical, they can become family heirlooms that get passed down through generations. To personalize your gift to your employees, you can have the clock engraved with a special message, the company’s name and the date the gift was given.

Coffee, tea and hot chocolate gift baskets. Even if your office already provides free coffee and tea in the break room, a gift basket filled with hot beverage mixes, baked goodies and treats, mugs and tea or coffee-making accessories is sure to please. Employees can take the gift home to enjoy on a cozy weekend morning or treat themselves to a decadent hot drink during their afternoon coffee break.

Gift certificates for spa treatments or grooming services. A gift certificate for spa or grooming services is a nice way to show your employees they deserve a little bit of ‘me time’ at the end of a busy year. Your employees will come back to work in the New Year feeling revived and refreshed.

Floral arrangements, tropical planters, flower boxes, and bonsai. Living gifts such as plants, desktop bonsai and holiday bouquets are a fresh alternative to giving boxed candy to your employees for the holidays. What makes plants a great Christmas gift for your employees is that they can be ordered online and either delivered right to your office or sent to each employee's home.

Tickets to shows, concerts, and sporting events. Your employees work hard for you. And sometimes that means having to spend extra hours at the office, away from friends and loved ones. One way to let your staff know you appreciate them and their families too is to give them tickets to shows, concerts, local sporting events or other family-oriented events.

Grocery store gift cards, organic fruit baskets and gourmet food hampers. The holidays are an expensive time of year for most families. With so many people to entertain, meals to prepare, and gifts to buy, having extra food and treats in the house will make the holidays just a little less stressful for your employees.

More gift ideas for your employees:

  • High-quality day-timers, agendas, and planners
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Motivational or inspirational books
  • Gadget accessories
  • Sportswear and outdoor apparel tastefully branded with your company's logo
  • Desktop accessories: organizers, smartphone gadgets and accessories
  • High-quality writing pens

Health and wellness gift certificates. When the holidays are over and the New Year begins, many of your employees will probably have set some personal health and wellness goals for themselves. If you are committed to supporting your employees’ health and wellness, then giving gym memberships or gift certificates for yoga and pilates classes would fit nicely with your company’s commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles.

Cash. Let’s face it, no matter how much time and effort you put into choosing a gift for your employees, a cash bonus is one of the best gifts you can give your employees.

No matter how big or small your holiday gift is to your employees, one of the best things you can give the people who work for you is a sincere written acknowledgement of their hard work. A personalized, handwritten card with specific details about what you value about the employee is a thoughtful way to give thanks and show appreciation over the Christmas season. Expressing gratitude in the workplace is a must if employers want to cultivate thriving, healthy, and engaged teams.

Bonus Holiday Gift Tip: If you can't decide on what to get your employees for Christmas this year, or you're worried your company can't afford to give out gifts and bonuses right now, reach out to your business partners and suppliers. Big businesses that you deal with or purchase your inventory from may be willing to put together some gift baskets to be given away at your Christmas luncheon or dinner. Big name suppliers and wholesalers often give their loyal customers -- small businesses like yours -- thank you gifts and promotional items over the holidays. With a little planning, you could gather up enough of these gifts to make sure that every employee wins something in a free prize draw.

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    Devika Primić 17 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Interesting list here of Christmas gifts. You have such great ideas.

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