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Great Christmas Gifts for Families

Updated on November 17, 2009

Maybe you have a family on your Christmas gift list, or perhaps you are trying to decide on a family gift for your own family this Christmas. In either case, you want to select something that will bring the family together and give every family member a chance to participate. Here are some top choices for family gifts this Christmas.

Camping equipment

If the family you are shopping for loves the outdoors, camping equipment can be a great way to go. Anything from marshmallow roasters to a new tent can be enjoyed by the whole family. Books of campfire games, air mattresses, Dutch ovens, or lanterns are great choices to nurture a love of the outdoors. Many outfitters offer classes in outdoor cooking, kayaking, mountain biking, and other outdoor sports. Gift certificates to these classes can encourage a family to try new things.

Board games

Board games can be great fun for families—especially those with a keen sense of humor. Most game shops emphasize the family-friendly nature of most of their board games, and can help you select something best suited to the family on your list. Some games encourage creativity, acting, singing, or other performances, while others require problem solving. Consider the family’s talents when selecting a game.

Tickets to an event

Nothing encourages family bonding like a trip to a show, event, or amusement park. These make great gifts because they are often not something a family would purchase for themselves, or would know about (consider a great concert within driving distance). Make sure you choose an event or place that every member of the family will enjoy.

Old fashioned popcorn maker

Stove top popcorn makers are great fun to use and watch, and are great for family movie nights! Children can participate and help to turn the crank and watch the lid rise. Small children will have fun watching the popcorn pop. Popcorn makers are a novelty that provide families entertainment as well as a delicious snack to share!


Put together a collection of cookbooks for the family on your list. You can find used ones in book shops to avoid breaking the bank with this gift. Choose a wide range of cookbooks, from simple quick-fix dinners to elegant meals. Include some cookbooks geared toward children to encourage the family to cook together. If someone in the family has special dietary needs, include a cookbook with relevant recipes.

Image Credit: Ella’s Dad, Flickr


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  • anne_with_an_e profile image

    anne_with_an_e 7 years ago from here, there and everywhere

    camping items, board games, cookbooks... I hope my family reads this. I'll have to send them the link. :)

  • dohn121 profile image

    dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    I really like the idea of the old-fashion popcorn popper. I really do hate the microwave kind, as only like have of the kernels will pop the first time around and on the second, you ended up torching the remaining kernels! Great ideas! Thanks.