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5 Great Christmas Treat Recipes

Updated on April 22, 2015

Every year I like to give my extended family and family friends a little treat. Buying gifts for everyone can get a little expensive, so I aim to make a tasty little treat for them all instead. That way I get to give them all a gift that they know I spent time making but that didn't cost me a fortune. I have made cookies, handmade chocolates, peanut brittle and cookie mix in a jar over the years, so this year I was looking for something different.

Pintrest is the best site for finding great DIY craft ideas and also great recipes, so it is often my first port of call for inspiration during the holiday season (or at any time of year actually), but I have searched many other places online to find the best and most fun ideas out there, Here are just 5 of my favourite awesome ideas that I came across that I thought I could share with you all, none of the ideas here are my own but you will find the full instructions on how to make them underneath each of the images.

Santa Hat Party Mix
Santa Hat Party Mix | Source

1. Santa Hat Party Mix

This santa hat party mix was something I found whilst on Pintrest and thought it just looked perfect for a festive party treat or as a great edible gift to give others as a christmas gift. The original idea for this great edible treat came from a blog called Cookies and Cups (link under picture) and uses a mixture of white chocolate, M&M's, Pretzels and other yummy treats to make this great fun looking mix. It requires minimal effort, just making the little hats and coating everything else in melted white chocolate, it couldn't be simpler. I can see it pilled in little Mason Jars as a great gift for family and friends or in some christmassy bowls at a festive party.

Gumdrop Christmas Fudge Recipe
Gumdrop Christmas Fudge Recipe | Source

2. Gumdrop Christmas Fudge

Doesn't this fudge looks so pretty and festive with all those little brightly coloured gum drops peeking out! And who doesn't like fudge, I know I love it and so does everyone in my family! This recipe is a pretty simple one too, as I have seen many fudge recipes that can seem quite complicated. This recipe was found on Taste of Home (link under image) and I think it would be a perfect Christmas gift (or maybe fathers day too!) packed into sweet little boxes and wrapped in some nice tissue paper.

Candy Cane S'mores Recipe!
Candy Cane S'mores Recipe! | Source

3. Candy Cane S'mores!

These just look simply delicious! I love anything that managed to incorporate a bit of Christmas Candy Cane into it, what other time of year do you get to use mint candy cane in your recipes? Now S'mores aren't very cannon here in the UK, they are most definitely a US thing, but as I have been a guider for a number of years, they are something that is made whilst on camp, so I know a lot of my friends (who are also guiders or scout leaders) would really love this idea as a Christmas gift. They just looks so moorish and tasty, plus they are super simple to make! You can find all you need to know about this recipe on Raxana's Home Baking (link under the photo!)

Frosty the Snowman Pretzel Treats
Frosty the Snowman Pretzel Treats | Source

4. Frosty the Snowman Pretzel Treats

This was a great idea I found on Hungry Happenings (link under image and they have lots more brilliant ideas!) and I can't believe how cute they - almost too cute to eat! I can just image them all piled into a little mason jar, looking out at you...awww! But, I'm still pretty sure I will eat them, as they look sweet and tasty! I think it is a pretty clever idea to make the snowmen from the shaped pretzels, so have fun creating your own little collection of Frosty's! This is definitely one the kids could help with!

Peppermint Marshmallow Recipe
Peppermint Marshmallow Recipe | Source

5. Peppermint Marshmallows

I found these awesome little swirly marshmallows over on A Beautiful Mess blog (link under image) and I think they would be a perfect gift for any hot chocolate lover you have amongst your family or friends - I could see it packaged with a cute mug and a selection of hot chocolate sachets as a great little gift. Now I have never attempted to make my own marshmallows but this recipe is well written so I think it wouldn't be too difficult to follow, even if you are a newbie like me! Again its another peppermint recipe and that really is the taste of Christmas for me but if you think your friends would like a different flavour it would be pretty easy to add a different flavour to these great little fluffy pillows.

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