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Great Flash Mob Songs

Updated on October 14, 2018
Deborah Minter profile image

Deborah is a music lover, and dance hobbyist. She enjoys holidays and festivities.

This is a list of great flash mob songs. If you’re planning a surprise dance for the holidays, party or just public fun, these are ideal song pics. Theoretically any song can be used for a flash mob, but this is a list of songs that make those listening want to break out and dance. There is plenty of dancing songs that have a beat and amazing lyric.

Billy Jean

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson’s hits are ideal dance songs, including Thriller that is a popular flash mob choice. For this list Billy Jean is a pick that would be perfect for any flash mob occasion, because of it’s exhilarating beat. Billie Jean, written and composed by Michael Jackson was released as a single in 1983, the lyrics are rumored to tell the story of a real person, it is remembered by its signature moonwalk on the music video. Billy Jean can be a nice pic for flash mobbing or, Thriller may be a choice if you are in a spooky mood.

The largest flash mob gathering in Mexico, to the song Thriller.
The largest flash mob gathering in Mexico, to the song Thriller.

You're the One That I Want

You’re the one that I want sung in the musical Grease, is a fun choice for a flash mob. The song made famous sung by John Travolta and Olivia Newton in the film, which also remembered for it’s exciting dance number. It is a good song to break out and dance to.

I Just Can't Wait to be King

For Disney fans this is a fun filled song with a great beat. Simba sings this tune in the beloved animated classic The Lion King. The exciting lyrics are a fantastic choice for a party atmosphere and surprise flash mob.

Wouldn't it be Nice

Wouldn’t it be nice by the Beach Boys, is a classic oldie that makes a good pic for a flash mob? The lyrics fit a sentimental mood and the beat is a nice speed for an arranged choreography. Definitely a choice for soft rock lovers.

Flash Mob dancing in public.
Flash Mob dancing in public.

Gangum Style

Gangum Style is definitely a party song with an excellent beat for a flash mob. Gangum Style was released in 2012, the Korean lyrics make for a beat that rouses those to dance in sequence. An exciting pick for flash mobbing.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a fun filled choice for a flash mob. Written by a man, it is at times considered a girl’s Anthem song. A great pic for a bunch of women busting out into dance.

Monster Mash

Monster Mash has everything down to the beat for a flash mob. Traditionally a Halloween song, Monster Mash is a popular choice for flash mobers. It is a song that is lot a fun to dance to on Halloween.

Monster Mash released in 1962.
Monster Mash released in 1962.

We Will Rock You

We will rock you is a fantastic dance song. There is no denying that the beat makes people want to break out and Rock! An exciting choice for a spontaneous flash mob that will most likely leave everyone eager to dance the night away.


Radioactive was released in 2012, Sung by Imagine Dragons. A great beat and good pace for a flash mob. For those in a rockish mood it is a great pic for a dance number.

Jai Ho

Jai Ho is a great flash mob song. This is one of the most exciting beats on this list, it will leave everyone dancing to the beat. A great tune, it was composed in 2008 by A.R. Rahman for the film Slumdog Millionaire. Most of the Lyrics are sung in Indian. The song is chosen at times for dance numbers and synchronized ice skating. The words Jai Ho roughly translate to “Let Victory Prevail.”

Halloween is a popular holiday for Flash Mobs.
Halloween is a popular holiday for Flash Mobs.

There is plenty of more songs out there to be chosen to flash mob too. Enjoy this list if you are planning a surprise flash mob.

Songs are in the ear of the beholder..... enjoy your favorite song pic for a flash mob!
Songs are in the ear of the beholder..... enjoy your favorite song pic for a flash mob!


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