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Unique Gift Ideas For 7 Year Old Kids, Boys or Girls for Christmas or a Birthday

Updated on January 21, 2016

Unique Gift Ideas For Toys For 7 years Old Boys & Girls.

Innocence is a unique presence in all children. Unfortunately, through explicit computer games, sordid television programs, and general living conditions, a child's innocence is being lost rapidly. Toy gift ideas which have a meaning are becoming relinquished to history.

Children love adventure and relish in their own dreams whilst creating individual playtime scenarios. These little games help to maximize imagination. A growing imagination is an education in itself.

Choosing the right unique gift for an expanding mind of a 7 year old boy or girl, will help them flourish their minds with ideas. It will help teach children values, ethics and morals, which are mainly lost due to the worlds ever growing dependency on non-imaginative computer games.

PLEASE NOTE: All products purchased through this webpage are fully guaranteed.

Choosing The Correct Gift

All boys and girls love receiving gifts or presents. Prior to purchasing any gift for a 7yr old, remember the three vital points.

Excellent For Growing Boys

Spy Gear Spy Night Scope
Spy Gear Spy Night Scope



1) Is the gift long lasting and safe ?

Many foreign imports have not passed safety checks and most usually end up broken by New Years Day. Opt for a stronger style of toy, kids are boisterous.

2) Will the toy be entertaining enough?

Many children are delighted at receiving gifts, only to discard it for months on end because of its' low entertainment factor.

3) Cost

Is the cost supported by the above two rules. Most cheap toys from thrifty style stores have a low entertainment value because they are cheap and will break easily. Choose a more expensive gift which can give a long entertainment value for money.

Dancing Fairy Jewelry Box

Different Form A Ballerina

An ideal gift idea for a 7yr old girl is something which she can keep all her valuables in. Dress up jewelry is part of childhood for girls. Without it they could never become like mum.

The vast selection available ensures that no matter the tastes of individual children, there is always a jewelry box to suit.

Seven year old kids are at an awkward age. To old for baby toys and not old enough for grown up toys.

Click on the smaller image to view full selection and discounts available.

Air Hockey

The ultimate family game.

All kids like air hockey, whether they are 7 year old boys and girls or 47 year old boys and girls. Air hockey is a traditional pastime across the globe which enthralls children every time.

This robust air hockey table is not to big to be intrusive, but big enough for hands that usually leave chocolate marks all over the table. Dimensions are 40" x 20" x 8".

The ice hockey game appeals to both boys and girls and other children of all ages.

Folding Table Tennis Table

Promotes Physical Activity.

As far as gift ideas for kids go, not matter what the age, table tennis is an excellent choice.

This physical game also assists co-ordination and team playing. Allowing the child to be part of a family game encourages them to interact on many different levels. Their friends will also love to play as well as mum and dad.

Competitions will soon be rife within the family as dad tries to prove that he is the best at playing ping pong.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

The Ultimate Boys Toy

For Little Dare Devils at a heavily discounted price.

This gift idea has the WOW! factor. An electric powered drifter. This mean machine will make everybody else envious. A robust design and ability to take up to 140 lbs in weight make this present a must for mini Evil Kenevils'.

The chain driven motor allows speeds of 12 mph with a rechargeable battery giving a 45 minute playtime on a full charge. Go kart racing is a traditional American pastime enjoyed by thousands of kids across the states. See video below.

Remote Control Helicopters

Fun inside the home.

These mini RC helicopters provide hours of fun inside the home. Designed only for internal use by small hands, this presents an opportunity for safe play. A unique gift idea for a seven year old boy or girl.

Watch them create their own skills by manoeuvring their new gift around the home.

Free Link To: RC Helicopters.

Wooden toy castles can provide masses of imagination and support playing with others. Interactive medieval castles are an excellent way of playful education for kids.

The choices are amazing and many of the extras are pocket money prices. This may also help induce a financial plan for kids as they save to add to their new kingdom.

Free Link to: Toy Medieval Castles.


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    • hifizah profile image


      6 years ago

      Very useful hub. I've got two daughters, the oldest one just turned five last week. When choosing a toy, I always consider whether it's durable and educative. The ideas here are good for seven year old kids. I'll definitely consider them next two years.


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