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Great Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Updated on February 12, 2016

The Stress Of Finding A Gift

When the birthday of your loved one comes or when the celebration day of an event related to your relationship is nearby, like a wedding anniversary, the anniversary of when you first met, or dated, Valentines Day (as it is just around the corner now) or who knows what else, people always freak out and have no idea what present to buy for their other half.

I know because I have been there a few times before and the stress of finding something great to give away is shadowing the celebration. You end up feeling anxious, not knowing if your spouse will like your gift, or he/she just pretends to like it in order to save the situation and show you that they appreciate the effort you put into this. They also have the same fear when it comes to their present for you, hoping that you will find it as great as they did when they bought it or made it.

Here are a few tips on how to never fail when buying a present or making a gift.

A nice gift comes from something unexpected
A nice gift comes from something unexpected | Source
A day at the SPA when this is all she is talking about will score you huge points
A day at the SPA when this is all she is talking about will score you huge points | Source

Make Sure You Know What They Want

One year I literally had no idea what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday. I felt like I have exhausted all my ideas on his previous birthdays and this time I was just wondering in the dark. This happens when years go by and you have so many birthdays and celebrations together that at some point you really don't know what to buy or make anymore.

One day he was watching a soccer game and his team won. He was so happy that he told me how he had a t-shirt as a child with the signatures of all the soccer players from the old team, the ones that retired now, and how happy he was to own such a t-shirt.

That was the point when I had that "aha moment" I knew I had to try to get him a t-shirt with signatures from all the new members of the team. So I've started a quest, always sitting in front of the stadium when the players should have gone practicing or be down and went home. I've asked all of them to help me with my gift and sign the t-shirt and I was lucky to receive their help with enthusiasm.

It took me about a week to collect all the signatures, I wrapped the t-shirt nicely and gave it to him on his birthday. The joy that he showed was so fulfilling and overwhelming. He was so grateful and happy and that made me feel wonderful too. It was all worth it.

If you know what your loved one wants, then giving him/her a present becomes something so very easy to do.

If you are a guy and you don't know what to buy your girlfriend, just listen to her. At some point she will spill the beans and tell you what made her happy at some point, or what will make her happy now. Maybe a new hairdryer, or a signature of her favorite writer on the book she has, a day at the SPA. Just listen to what your loved one has to say and you will find the perfect gift.

Make sure you keep balloons away from any heat source or they will pop
Make sure you keep balloons away from any heat source or they will pop | Source
Buying more small gifts and wrapping them individually makes the quest experience much more fun
Buying more small gifts and wrapping them individually makes the quest experience much more fun | Source

Listen To What They Need

There are moments when your gift can be absolutely perfect if you just buy your significant other the things that they need, but either can't afford at that point, or don't have the time to go out and search for it.

Just a few years back, my boyfriend was insanely busy and had no time to go shopping for new clothes even if he needed them. He actually wanted a new sweater and a t-shirt that he saw in a store passing by it. He told me he wished he could have the time to go out and buy them since he loved them so much.

That was when my light went on and I did my best to stop him from ever having the time to go purchase them on his own. I went and both the sweater and t-shirt, and also made some other small gifts that I knew he needed or liked, like a new perfume since the one he had was almost gone, some socks, and so on.

I wrapped all of them individually, bought like 200 balloons, I've inflated them all, spread them on my living room floor and hidden the gifts under them.

When he came home and saw all those balloons on the floor he was just amazed. I've told him to search for his presents and he was just like a child in a candy store, he absolutely loved every second of it, especially when he was finding a new present.

You don't need to go over board and buy expensive gifts that you don't even know if your loved one will like. All you need to do is buy something you know he/she needs, and then make it fun. Make the whole experience of receiving that gift a fun moment.

If you ever choose the balloons idea, don't use helium because you need them to stay on the ground, not the ceiling, use a pump to inflate them otherwise you will go dizzy after the first three balloons, I know because I've tried it, and give yourself enough time to inflate all the balloons before your partner comes home, it will take a while.

Some of the balloons will pop, especially if they come near a heat source like a radiator, so if you have it on make sure the balloons won't reach it. Buy more balloons than you think you need to have enough to replace the ones that will break.

There is nothing better than a homemade cake baked with love
There is nothing better than a homemade cake baked with love | Source

Bake A Cake

What can better say, "I love you" than a home baked cake? It doesn't matter if you are the best baker alive or a real fiasco in the kitchen, the fact that you took time out of your busy schedule and prepared something for the person that you love means more than you can imagine.

I have always baked my boyfriend a cake for his birthday and for our anniversary. I have chosen a different kind almost every time, but you don't need to do that. Just make one that you know you are great at that you always nail it.

Baking anything isn't hard at all and it shouldn't scare you the idea of doing this. The most important thing that you absolutely have to remember is to stick to the recipe exactly as it is given. The only thing that you can "play" with is the quantity of sugar, as almost all the recipes today ask for way more sugar than they should. Just to make an idea, a recipe that requires three eggs can't have more than 100 grams of sugar. You can calculate all your recipes based on this. But aside from that stick to the recipe to the letter. Follow the ingredients measurement, the order of adding them and the time of baking.

There are some recipes who require not to open the oven door for a certain amount of time, and you need to do that, otherwise the cake will fall and you will end up with a flat, chewy thing.

Decorate it fun and write something on it, even the plain "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary" is great. You can find so many cake decorations in the supermarkets these days, use them and create a wonderful cake-gift. I know your efforts will be appreciated.

Happy hunting
Happy hunting | Source

Happy Gift Hunting

So there you have it guys. A few great gift ideas for your loved one, and a direction to help you get the best gift and see the happiness on their face when receiving it.

Searching for a gift should be fun and something to remember, as well as the moment when the gift is received. You don't need to complicate yourself buying expensive things that you might think will make your partner happy. Just stick to simple things that you have heard they need or want, and show that that day is important for you too.

My boyfriend bought me once an expensive phone after I have specifically told him I do not want one. I've cried and have been sad for so long because I was upset he didn't listen to me, he spent a lot of money on something I really didn't want and I was also feeling guilty for not liking a gift that he spent a lot of money on. Buying something expensive won't guarantee that it will be an appreciated gift. Buying something that the other person talk about needing or wanting that is an appreciated and welcomed gift.

It is great to gift something and see the happy reaction of the receiver. Everybody wants to receive a nice gift that they will like, so when you chose a present just put yourself in the receiver shoes. Think of how much time and care you would like your loved one to invest in choosing your gift and apply this when you are choosing their gift.

If you are a man shopping for your girlfriend or wife, don't forget to buy her a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. They will make a difference. Drop the box of candy if it is her birthday because that goes well if you are celebrating your anniversary not the day she was born.

Have fun and happy gift hunting.


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    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Every time my boyfriend asked me what I want or listen to what I need he never failed making a great gift Denise. Some people don't like to say what they wish to receive because they feel like it isn't a gift anymore, but isn't this better rather than receiving something they won't like or need at all? Just mention two or three things that you might like and you can still have the moment of surprise, thinking which gift will it be?

    • florypaula profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      You are right North Wind. You were lucky the two of you laughed about it, but it could have been a bad memory if maybe you both were expecting something else.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      You have hit the nail on the head by recommending that we listen to what our loved one says. I have found that to be very helpful. Asking is also a great way to never go wrong. When we ask, and then listen, we can find something that our loved one will appreciate. When I have followed this advice, I have been very happy with the results.

    • North Wind profile image

      North Wind 

      3 years ago from The World (for now)

      I think observing and listening to the person makes things easier because you will be sure to get something that they like. I remember that one Christmas I bought the same present for my friend that she bought for me. We both laughed about it and it was quite unforgettable.


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