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Great Gift Ideas for Celebrating Father's Day

Updated on April 27, 2013

Original Ideas for Father's Day Gifts and Surprises

We all want to surprise our father especially on ‘Father’s Day’. The unique and original gifts doesn't only mesmerize the senses but also proves you an intelligent buyer and a great gift planner. However, the reality is often different and we all just end up buying the old trendy gifts and one can fall into the old clichés, namely ties, socks, shirts, etc.

Here we are giving the original gifts certainly these will leave your father speechless.

Scanner, iPhone case or a fishing rod:

On Father’s day you can select a practical gift which is more original and also useful for your father. Does your father like fishing? Then buy him a fishing rod pen which he can carry in the pocket. You can also give him music or movies DVds, camera and any other thing according to his hobby.

You can also plan a new released gadget like a digital photo frame, a charger or the cover of his iPhone, spy pen, camcorder or something else which he wants to buy in immediate future.

A toolbox

It’s really a classic gift for the father’s who love to jump into the adventure on every Saturday morning and try to fix anything he finds not working well at the home? Therefore, a good well equipped toolbox with a complete set of tools, keys and nails is definitely a good gift for any parent who is a DIY enthusiast

Gift Ideas for Celebrating Father's Day
Gift Ideas for Celebrating Father's Day

A weekend on 'Spa'

Spa is probably the ultimate gift that any parent would expect to receive. Complete with relaxing moments is always the thing which everyone dreams for but never get time to pamper himself. Who does not like the pleasure of a fantastic spa while receiving massages and hydro thermal treatments of all kinds? Note that each spa offers different programs, so you should choose the one that can adjust to the tastes of your father. How to find a spa? Today these types of centers have proliferated greatly, so you'll not find any difficulty to locate one. The best thing is to shop online for it as on special occasion you can save big on such services.

Tickets to a sporting event

Men generally love adventures. Therefore, give your father a pair of tickets to a sporting event that he loves to play and watch. If he likes football, give him the tickets to see his favorite team. If on the other hand he is very fond of basketball then buy tickets to see a basketball game. But not all men are equal, and no doubt there will be many to the sport not interested or the slightest. Still, you can always choose to buy a pair of tickets to go to an exhibition, a museum, a concert, etc.

Inexpensives Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Best Gift Idea for Fathers day

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An animated presentation with family photographs

This not only the most original gifts, but also one of the cheapest. For this you have to collect all the family photos and then make a selection of the best. If they are not in digital format, be sure to scan them, because what you do is a 'movie' in which he go through the photos one after another while background a song which your father really likes to hear. No doubt that this gift will be able to reach the heart of your father.

A car wash

It’s not just the regular car wash but you are going to spend on a thorough washing to stop the vehicle gleaming inside and out. It will certainly be a gift which no one has planned for. There are many companies that are devoted to it, and the results are truly spectacular. Many of them even have a home cleaning service also. To locate these companies, it is best to look online or in the service guide for your hometown.

On the other hand, if you are confident you can wash the car yourself. Once, the neat and clean car parked outside take your father in it for a dinner in his favourite restaurant. This is the best gift which every father would like to get from his son or daughter.

Unusual online gifts

If originality is not your thing and none of the options that here we offer you boast are worth then you can always turn to Internet to find and buy an original gift for your father.

There many companies that are dedicated to the purchase 'on-line' of gadgets curious and original which undoubtedly shall leave to any one open mouthed form their catalogue you can eaasily decide according to your father liking.

If you were left without time to choose a good gift then you can always turn to the option of buy a gift voucher of his favourite store. You decide the value thereof and your father may buy himself whatever he wants.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi pmarinov,

      Ya,I agree with you. What tech gift did you present your father this year?

    • pmarinov profile image

      Blogger at Best 4 years ago from Detroit MI

      Tickets always work good for Father's Day. However I've found out that technology gifts work much more effective with my dad his peers.

      Nice hub!