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Great Gift Ideas for Nurses and Other Health Care Workers

Updated on June 19, 2014

Manual Blood Pressure Kit

The skill of taking a person's manual blood pressure can be a difficult task for some. However, it is an essential skill for Health Care Workers who too often rely on electronic devices that do the job automatically!

What a great gift to give for someone who desires to broaden ones practical knowledge and skillset.

Medical Dictionary

You wouldn't believe the amount of medical abbreviations used in hospitals - this can be particularly daunting for medical students and new members of staff in general. I was totally bewildered when I first started working in a hospital.

When you hear the word "Cabbage" (CBAG) mentioned in a medical context you think to yourself...errr...what? This actually means Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery! Without knowing the correct terminology, you might accidentally mistake your career as a Nurse for that of a Green Grocer.

Buy a decent medical dictionary for someone you love, to avoid this problem!

Hairagami Hair Accessories

Hairagami Hair Accessories are amazing!! I use them every day for work to create the perfect bun in 30 seconds flat. I have received many compliments around the hospital and it is so so easy to do; much easier than those doughnut shaped bun rings a lot of people use these days.

It leaves me so much more time in the morning to do other things. The perfect gift for a nurse with lovely long hair.

Nurse Fob Watch

Every Nurse and Health Care Assistant needs a fob watch, especially if one works in a hospital environment or out in the community where wrist watches are just not practical.

Fob watches are used in the trade to time a patients respiration rate and most importantly, for good time keeping. We have to know when its our coffee time, after all.

Overall, a great present for someone starting a new job in care or for a nurse that is always late for work!!

Good quality hand care

Good hand care is so important for Health Care staff because we abuse our hands all day long for the sake of infection control.

It doesn't matter if a nurse is male or female, buy them something nice for their hands.

Dermalex Repair is wonderful for those suffering from extremely dry skin and allergies but if the state of ones skin is reasonably healthy, the L'Occitane Shea butter range is very luxurious and has won many awards.

The Lock Cup designed by  Efrat Gommeh. Stop others from stealing your cup at coffee time!!
The Lock Cup designed by Efrat Gommeh. Stop others from stealing your cup at coffee time!!

Drinking Mug with Selection of Health Teas

Every hard worker needs sufficient hydration throughout the day and what better way to do it than with a nice brew. On one condition though...that nobody has to share the same mug. That is why virtually every nurse I know has their own personal mug. Not only that, they will go to GREAT LENGTHS to stop others from drinking from it too!

Why not buy a personalised mug for a nurse you care for. You could also buy him or her a selection of some health boosting herbal teas too. They act as a 'pick me up' for aching limbs and tired minds without the tonnes of caffeine.

Pupil Gauge Pen Light

Does what it says on the tin. An essential tool that helps nurses to look into patients eyes and also for seeing in the dark

Nurses Notebook

A nurse has a million and one things to do in an average working day, therefore it is important to keep note of everything that happens throughout the shift.

Small pieces of paper can go missing but a spiral bound nurses notebook is much more sensible for keeping a track of important notes and appointments.

The perfect present that likes to stay organised...and for those that are not organised enough!

Retractable ID Clip

If you are looking for a cheap and practical gift for someone working in a hospital, get them a good quality, reliable I.D holder! There are many types to choose from; you can even buy customised ones.

Every time a member of staff lose their I.D badge, it costs them time and money to issue a replacement. This little present is a good investment, really!


It is a standing joke at work that Health Care Workers can walk for hours during a work day yet still we never lose weight. Maybe it is all the chocolate biscuits that get given to us! Did you know that some hospital porters can walk up to 16 miles in a typical shift!?

This handy little device works by counting the amount of steps you do during the day; a great test to see how active a person really is.

The perfect gift for a health concious, Health Care Professional who is trying to set a good example to others by staying in shape.

Skechers for Work Women's Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneaker, Black, 10 B - Medium
Skechers for Work Women's Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneaker, Black, 10 B - Medium

The curved sole encourages good posture throughout the day


MBT vs. Sketchers Shape up shoes

Since hospital workers are on their feet all day, good shoes are essential. If you know a nurse that is suffering from back and foot problems as a result of years of wear and tear, buy him or her either some MBT shoes or some Sketchers Shape Ups (a cheaper dupe of MBTs). They are both very well known in the Health Care Industry - loads of hospital workers swear by them.

I wouldn't be without my Sketchers Shape ups now! I can work for 13 hours and my feet don't hurt at all. They are quite pricey but they will last for ages. Easy to keep clean too.

Pen Holder with Pocket Clip

You wouldn't believe the amount of times my pen has slipped out my top pocket at work - especially when I am leaning over, washing or dressing a patient. Even worse, it could happen during an emergency situation...when performing first aid for instance. A patient needs a pen lodged in their airway like they need a bullet to the brain!

These little pocket clips stop this sort of thing from happening. Buy one! Now!


Tourniquets are those little straps that go around the arm to help collect blood from a patient.

These little beauties always seem to go missing when you really need them, it seems...this is often because colleagues have a tenancy to 'borrow' them and not return them. Almost as frustrating as when someone 'borrows' and misplaces your favourite pen!

This would be the ideal gift for a Nurse, Senior Health Care Assistant, Phlebotomist, Doctor or one of the Hospital Cannulation Team. Preferably someone who doesn't own Tourniquet themselves, (hint, hint)!

Corioliss Titanium C2 Black Salon Styler - Hair Straighteners
Corioliss Titanium C2 Black Salon Styler - Hair Straighteners

High Quality Antibacterial Hair Straighteners


Corioliss Pro C2 Nano Digital Hair Straighteners

Hair Straighteners, you ask? Yes. Hair Straighteners.

Everyone knows that a healthcare environment is a breeding ground for bacteria - this is especially bad news for male and female health workers with long hair.

This is why the Corioliss C2 Hair straighteners are so unique...not only do they make your hair nice and sleek, they offer anti bacterial protection thanks to the Nano - Silver coated hot plates. They basically work by creating an anti bacterial film across the hair which instantly kills germs! Cool, huh?

Sound Asleep Pillow

Whether one is trying to rest during a sleep break or facing insomnia as a result of working nights, the sleep pillow can be a useful relaxation aid.

The Sound Asleep Pillow works by playing music very softly from a small speaker inside the pillow itself. Only the person resting on it can hear it.

A full size and travel sized version can be purchased, depending which is more practical.

A Warm Cardigan

Human body temperature drops naturally when we are tired. In fact it can be pretty uncomfortable when working nights, especially during those long, cold winter months.

This is why a warm cardigan can come in useful. They are easy to wear and can go straight in the washing machine with the rest of ones uniform; the perfect gift for nocturnal nurses!

Blackout Blinds

Whoever invented these things deserves a medal!

Blackout blinds work in the same way that ordinary blinds do, except they block out all forms of light from the outside. It can fool a person into thinking they are sleeping at night when real it is day time.

The best part is, blackout blinds can be purchased really quite cheap - you can buy them for about £12.94 from Argos


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