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Great Gifts - Coffee Mugs by Famous Artists and Handcrafted | Buy Online

Updated on January 27, 2016

Every morning one of the first things I reach for is my beautiful coffee mug with a Monet painting. This favorite coffee mug is routinely placed in my Kuerig machine. In it goes and a perfect cup of coffee is delivered to me via the magic of Kuerig. I love my Kuerig machine but the Monet coffee cup is what is really special. My best friend from college gave me a set of two Monet mugs. When I searched on Amazon, I was delighted to find them - they are sold under the name of Chaleur. The mugs are made of bone china and hold 20 oz. While I don't need 20 oz of coffee - the size is perfect for stability. It rests nicely upon my desk and never a worry about a spill - even before the morning caffeine has penetrated my system. So I set my Kuerig to one cup and off it brews a perfect cup in my Chaleur bone china mug! The Chaleur website details that their coffee mugs make the perfect gift - even if it is for yourself - so very true!

I LOVE my two Chaleur coffee mugs and find I miss them so much that I will take the time to grab them and clean them because they are my favorite.

If I didn't have two Monet mugs, I would buy them! My friends have been very generous to me over the years. Funny thing, my favorite gift I have received is this bone china coffee mug.

It is not just me - the Chaleur website details that they have "grown to 88 designs by 32 different artists"! So many others are enjoying this great artistic coffee mug.

The 20 oz is perfect for me because it offer the stability that I need - the 14 oz I have in a Christmas design and just isn't as stable - although it is perhaps more visually appealing. The 14 oz will fit in my car holder nicely. The 20 oz. doesn't travel well in my center counsole on my SUV.

My favorite gift was a set of 2 - 20 oz. mugs in Monet designs.

If the famous artists and the Chaleur designs are not for you, stay tuned, we have many different optioned including handcrafted and hand tooled ceramic mugs along with several other famous artists such as the ever popular Laurel Burch and also the whimsical Judie Bomberger. At the very end we have great sources and even more - an exquisite horse mug and a Birthday Girl glass mug - all sure to delight and much more!

Artist Laurel Burch Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Artistic ceramic coffee mugs by artist Laurel Burch
Artistic ceramic coffee mugs by artist Laurel Burch

Hand Crafted Ceramic Mugs by Artist Judie Bomberger

Fun and colorful coffee mugs hand crafted by July Bomberger
Fun and colorful coffee mugs hand crafted by July Bomberger | Source

Dreaming in Color Handmade Coffee Mugs

Beautiful pinks and purple and a dragonfly adorn this ceramic coffee mug
Beautiful pinks and purple and a dragonfly adorn this ceramic coffee mug | Source

"Shop Frugally


Shop Early!"


Priced Just Right for Gift Giving

Priced just right for gift giving. The artistic coffee mugs range from a $14 gift to a $40 gift set to the boutique and very unique high end, hand painted and even a hand tooled ceramic mug is highlighted. There simply is a price point for every possible budget imaginable.


Many a art museum will carry the Chaleur. Many a boutique will carry all of these items. If you are in need of a special gift, plan early. If a museum or boutique shopping is in your travel plans, map out a course of action complete with your list.

Always, always, always order early. Plan ahead and order with others. Often a higher quantity, a higher total purchase price will offer substantial financial rewards in shipping cost.

Talk it up with your friends and family. See if you can streamline their shopping and if together you can both save on shipping costs.

"Shop Frugally - Always Shop Early!" GmaGoldie

Connections and Memories

Whenever we give a gift, if we can make it a meaningful gift that showcases our connection to the person, we have shown that we have fully connected with that person. We recognize and respect their values and we celebrate their interest. We are not taking on their values, simply respecting their love of art, fishing, golf, etc...

Connecting with people is what gift giving is really about. It is not about the "gift", it is about creating a connection with a tangible object that brings back memories. As I drink my coffee in my Monet Chaleur coffee mug, I fondly member my best friend from college. I appreciate the gift of thoughtfulness. The gift isn't grand but making memories isn't about the price tag, it is about the timeless connection of appreciating the wants and desires of another person.

Something for Everyone - A Design Just for You

Some of their offerings are detailed below with the name of the painting first and the great master, famous artist following directly after wards. Many of the photos you would recognize - do you recognize just the title of the painting and the artists? Check out some of the most famous:

Chaleur Ceramic Coffee Mug Designs

The Escape Ladder - Joan Miro

Moulin Rouge - Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

Cote D' Azur - Roual Dufy

Untitled - Giorgio de Chirico

The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh

Birthday - Marc Chagall

Archangel's Tango - Kees Van Dongen

Paradise - Marc Chagall

At Pere La Thuilles - Edouard Manet

Qui Trop Embrasse - Ettore Tito

Ballet Dancers - Edgar Degas

and many, many more!

The Chaleur artistic design literally wrap around the circumference of the coffee mug.  Here are a few photos of my personal favorites of Chaleur:

Le Bal A Bougival - Pierre Renoir

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

Sunday Afternoon On Island - George Seurat

Gentleman's Race - Edgar Degas

Les Irises - Vincent Van Gogh

Water Lilies - Claude Monet

The Swineherd Brittany - Paul Gaugin

Sunflowers - Vincent Van Gogh

Steps At Auvers - Vincent Van Gogh

Vase With Irises - Vincent Van Gogh

The Beach At Saint-Adresse - Claude Monet

Artist's House At Argenteuil - Claude Monet

The Grand Canal - Claude Monet

Monet - The Favorite of Many - The Favorite of Mine

Monet remains one of my favorite artists. I love all the grand masters and the vibrancy of their work from Monet to Renoir to Degas and the list goes on.

Chaleur - Hopefully Will Expand Their Artist Offerings

What is missing from Chaleur is the contemporary artists that I love such as Pino, Behrens, Neiman, Erte and so on. Chaleur does offer a Tiffany design for one of their coffee mugs but I didn't feel that particular artwork translated well so it is not shown here. I also love Erte as you can tell by my avatar. Sadly, most of Erte's work would not translate but think about the Erte letters for personalization - wouldn't that be a fun coffee mug! Just a single letter representing the first or last name. Just be careful on Erte for corporate gifts - think twice about what is appropriate - when in doubt, it is definitely not appropriate.

For animal lovers, the photography from Zuckerman would be outstanding on a coffee mug.

For new home owners, wouldn't it fun to gift a gift of a photo of their new home? The possibilities extend far beyond just the grand masters of art. The possibilities are limited only by your own personal knowledge of the person you are buying the gift.

Take Our Poll About Famous Artists

Who is Your Favorite Grand Master Artist?

See results

Other Coffee Mug Gift Ideas

The paintings of the great masters, the multi-million dollar pieces that hang in public art museums or owned by billionaires are now available to share as gifts with your friends, your coworkers, your business associates.

Haven't yet found what you feel would be the appropriate gift? Then check out a few more options such as:

  • Bone China Coffee Mug
  • Crystal Coffee
  • Coffee Mug for Golfers
  • Coffee Mug for Fishing
  • Coffee Mug - Personalized - Name
  • Coffee Mug - Personalized - Photo
  • Coffee Mug - Favorite Saying or Tag Line
  • Corporate Initiative Promotion
  • Family Reunions
  • Family Photos
  • Vacations
  • Favorite Hobby - Sailing, Skiing, etc...

Corporate Events - Promotions

Often we think of the corporate coffee mug with simply the corporate logo. The coffee mug could also serve as a promotion for a safety program, new initiative such as the launch of a new product, a new market, a new management focus. The triple bottom line reporting is hitting the corporate world, reinforcing this new management philosophy builds relationships and employee morale.

  • New Product
  • Safety Program
  • New Market
  • New Tagline
  • New Focus

Memorable Conversations

One of the world's favorite actors remains an icon today is Charlie Chaplin. If you and a friend or a business associate have a conversation about an icon such as Charlie, consider a gift of that celebrity.

This is what makes memories. In marketing, the branding manager takes the time to create a consistent memory. Often this is done with not just verbiage, not just ads but also with promotional give a ways. In the same manner, we can create a lasting connection with our friends and coworkers and business associates by reinforcing the conversations and personal connection.

Why a Coffee Mug Makes a Great Gift?

Gifts are often stuffed away or "re-gifted". A coffee mug with meaning, an association to a particular artist or type of art, or an activity is memorable. Additionally a coffee mug is reusable. Long after the holiday celebrations, the coffee mug can be used - over and over again.

Gifts Build Memories

Memories Create Connections

Gifts Build Memories

Gifts build memories. To be able to connect with someone that states that you understand them and know what they appreciate builds lasting bonds and memories.

Enjoy shopping and build a connection by building a memory. I am off to have another cup of coffee in my favorite coffee mug from Chaleuer - Monet but of course - my favorite!

Hand Tooled and Hand Painted Ceramic Coffee Mug

Hand Tooled Ceramic Coffee Mug Shown in Green Oribe & Purple
Hand Tooled Ceramic Coffee Mug Shown in Green Oribe & Purple | Source
Clear coffee mug with artistic abstract painting
Clear coffee mug with artistic abstract painting | Source
Ceramic Coffee Mug with a Horse and Flowing Black Mane
Ceramic Coffee Mug with a Horse and Flowing Black Mane | Source

Lolita Coffee Mug - Birthday Girl Mug

Birthday Girl Coffee Mug
Birthday Girl Coffee Mug | Source

*Prices are for example purposes only. Prices are subject to change. Prices can change based upon 1.) quantity ordered 2.) lead time given for the order and 3.) shipping costs. Order early and order with others to obtain the very best price. Shop frugally by shopping early.

Latte Art

Famous Art and Hand Crafted Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Whatever your artistic preference, from the grand masters offered by Chaleur to the hand tooled pottery to the whimsical by Judie Bomberger to the dynamic of Laurel Burch, the artistic coffee mugs have something to offer everyone.

Even tea drinkers too! It doesn't have to be coffee or tea at all. the hydration and the ritual of thirst quenching offers a great opportunity for a fun and unique gift for most any possible budget.

Remember GmaGoldie's rule - "shop frugally, shop early"! Don't be stressed, plan ahead and you will be fully prepared. Your gift will be memorable.

"We do not remember days; we remember moments."

Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand


Two Coffee Mugs (photo courtesy of GmaGoldie)
Two Coffee Mugs (photo courtesy of GmaGoldie)

Enjoy this website? Not a member yet?


In Appreciation

Laurel Burch coffee mug photos and the Birthday Girl Mug:

Memory quote courtesy of:


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    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Mr Gordon,

      I had an opportunity to view your site and you have fantastic mugs. And your designs are exceptional with a broad range that will appeal to those who love holidays, flowers, children and much more.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I always appreciate suppliers and I am happy to include your comment along with the website link. I look forward to viewing your products. Thank you very much for stopping by.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dear ,

      Greetings and Good day!

      We are Aokt Company Limited of China, a professional designer and manufacturer of a wide range of ceramic products, including Music mugs, Magic mugs, Mugs, Cups and Saucers, Dinner sets, Bowls, Color-glazed ceramics, Photo Frames, Glassware, and other made to order (OEM) souvenir items

      We have already made regular buyers in Russia, Greece, Egypt, Italy , Belarus, Ukraine, Australia, England, USA, Germany etc who some of them send us their own designs and we delivered high quality finished products to their total satisfaction.

      We are welcoming you to visit our website and view the numerous designs of various items and verify our above statements.

      Best Regards

      Mr Gordon


      Aokt Company Limited



      Tel:+86-755-28189585 Fax:+86-755-28155785

      Mobile: +86-13530268205 , 13352986416



      Skype:aok-gordon AIM: AOKGORDON

      Address: Room 102, Unit 1, Bldg C11, Qingqingjiayuan, BujiTown, LonggangDistrict, Shenzhen,China

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Oh, that unique piece of art! I too LOVE that coffee mug! It is a piece of sculpture.

    • JasonPLittleton profile image


      9 years ago

      The mug with a horse being sculpted or something like that is very unique! I love it.

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Your article on recycled mugs is wonderful. Who doesn't have extra mugs around. I must make sure I have that article linked on my index on sustainability - thank you for reminding of that great Hub!

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      France Travel Inf

      Isn't amazing how attached we become to our daily items. The handcrafted ones are very special.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing - I greatly appreciate it.

    • France Travel Inf profile image

      France Travel Inf 

      9 years ago

      These are beautiful! I love the handcrafted ones. I have a hand thrown pottery mug that holds a liter of tea. It is my favorite mug!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Love all the pictures. I love coffee mugs and have so many I had to do a hub on recycling coffee mugs!

    • GmaGoldie profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin


      Wow! I love Winslow Homer - the lighting in his paintings just glow - he was the first light artist ever. The Bridle Path White Mountains is simply stunning but I also the Glouchester Harbor - oh, you know your art! Thank you so much!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      9 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I don't know about art masters but I am somewhat partial to Winslow Homer. Norman Rockwell seems to be getting a recognition now also.


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