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"Greyt" Gift Ideas for Greyhound Lovers

Updated on December 2, 2013

What Are Some Gift Ideas for Greyhound Lovers?

Consider yourself lucky if you know someone who has a greyhound or two (or more)! Greyhound lovers are some of the easiest people to buy gifts for. These gentle giants aren't high-maintenance or anything, but they're not stuffed animals, either.

This list of useful (or just plain cute) things for new AND old greyhound owners will make sure you won't ever be scrambling for "greyt" gift ideas during holidays or birthdays!

Major Ray has enough personality for 6 greyhounds.
Major Ray has enough personality for 6 greyhounds. | Source

Greyhound Gift Idea #1: Collage

What do greyhound owners love more than their greyhounds? Not much, probably.

Collages are a fun and inexpensive way to show just how much personality greys have. You can print out and frame a picture collage to hang (in a doggy-themed frame!), you can use pictures from social networking sites to make a digital-only collage, or select fun pictures for a digital frame!

Greyhound Gift Idea #2: Snoods

Are you wondering what the heck a SNOOD even is?

Greyhounds don't have as much fat or fur as other breeds of dogs, so they tend to get cold easily. Snoods are tubes of fabric that cover the length of the neck and even the ears (resulting in a greyhound that looks like a caterpillar).

Random Crazy Greyhound Video

Here are a few places where you can buy greyhound collars:

Greyhound Gift Idea #3: Martingale Collars

Having one collar isn't enough sometimes. Over time, they can fray, get dirty, loosen and wear out, so having a backup is a good idea.

Also, there are many cute collar designs out there for those who want to make a greyhound fashion statement! Friends don't let friends have boring greyhound collars.

Greyhounds need a whoooole lot of collar to cover their long necks.
Greyhounds need a whoooole lot of collar to cover their long necks. | Source

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Greyhound Gift Idea #4: Heavy-Duty Nail Clippers

Greyhounds have some long, bony toes with really thick toenails. These gentle giants are more like toddlers: all play and no thinking things through, so keeping their nails trimmed and ground down will lessen the chance for injuries.

If you're stumped for useful, important gift ideas, get a high-quality pair of nail clippers that are made specifically for dogs with thick toenails. Dull, worn clippers can cause trauma to a dog's nails (and mind), and tend to really frustrate the owner.

Also, you can complete the set by getting a nail grinder to minimize chipping and peeling!

Greyhound Gift Idea #5: Crates

Have you been to a pet store lately? Crate prices are insane! Help to take some of the burden off your greyhound lover's shoulders by getting a crate.

There are a few different kinds:

  • Plastic crates - These are made of two plastic pieces which fit on top of each other (like a clam) and are sealed with snaps. The door is a metal cage with springs to hold it in place. These are great for travel because they can be broken down into a very compact shape. Also, these crates are usually the only ones that airplanes allow.
  • Metal cages - These look like doggy jail! They're made entirely of metal bars with a plastic sheet on the bottom to lay on. Metal cages are great for homes because they let dogs see everything that's going on and are durable enough to contain naughty hounds. However, they're a bit cumbersome and less compact, so they don't travel as easily as plastic crates. (Some crates also have multiple doors!)
  • Cloth crates - These are best for dogs who don't chew a lot, so check if your friend's greys have separation anxiety. They zip up, they're lightweight and very portable! This is a nice gift idea for people who take their dogs everywhere they go.
  • "Furniture" crates - Want to give someone a really fancy gift? These crates look just like nightstands or end tables so they blend into a living room or bedroom seamlessly. Metal or plastic cages can be an eyesore, but not these!

A doggy first-aid kit should contain:

  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Tweezers
  • Non-stick gauze pads
  • Sanitary gloves
  • Blunt-end scissors
  • Rolls of gauze
  • Tape
  • Absorbent gauze pads
  • Styptic powder

Greyhound Gift Idea #6: Doggy First-Aid Products

Like I said before, greyhounds are like big kids. They don't think twice before running into a patch of rocks and spiky vines to chase a squirrel. Afterwards, they're all beat up--and won't even make a sound!

Large wounds can be treated by a vet, of course, but tiny ones can be healed with a bit of first-aid. A doggy first-aid gift basket is a fantastic idea for when accidents happen to these clumsy goofballs.

This guy is really comfortable!
This guy is really comfortable! | Source

Greyhound Gift Idea #7: Fluffy Bed Stuff

Greyhounds are really bony and don't have much hair. They also seem to think they're shrews. Because of this, they're expert thieves of fluffy beds, couches, and other places their owners used to sit. Why not make their crate the best spot in the house?

Greyhound foster parents usually don't get anything too fancy for their hounds, especially since they have lots of guests in and out of their homes. Thrift store comforters, sleeping bags, old couch cushions and other plush fabrics are just fine to make a crate a comfy nest! You can save money this way while making a greyhound and his owner very, very grateful.

Or, you could just go ahead and buy a luxurious bed that will make the owner really jealous.

Help make a greyhound adorable around the holidays!
Help make a greyhound adorable around the holidays! | Source

Greyhound Gift Idea #8: Doggy Clothes

Greys need sweaters and raincoats to keep them dry and warm! Spoil a greyhound with some clothes. Also, you can buy:

  • Boots (for snow or hiking)
  • Halloween costumes
  • Other silly holiday costumes
  • Leashes
  • Doggy backpacks
  • Dresses
  • Hoodies

Greyhound Gift Idea #9: Greyhound Merchandise

Want to get something for the actual human, too? There's tons of merchandise for greyhound lovers! A great website to get things from is cafepress! A simple search for greyhound stuff boasts a list including hoodies (for humans, of course), coffee mugs, holiday cards, magnets, jewelry and much, much more!

Also, lots of greyhound adoption websites hold auctions for greyhound-related items like quilts, jewelry, collars and paintings. The proceeds go toward helping retired racers get medical care, and to find a loving forever home! The thought behind the gift is the greatest gift of all.

Greyhound Gift Idea #10: Slow-Feeder

Slow-feeders are bowls with indentations and ridges to help a dog to take his or her time while eating. Greyhounds, especially retired racing guys, tend to gobble up food like it's their last meal ever.

They're susceptible to bloat (a life-threatening condition where the stomach twists), so taking time while eating can actually save their lives.

While you're out getting the slow-feeder, buy a huge bag of dog food to go with it! Greys don't eat tons of food considering how large they are, but the food bags do seem to empty before owners know it.

Greyhound Gift Idea #11: Greyhound

"Greyhound" what? That's it! A greyhound!

Greyhounds love other greyhounds! They seem to have a little exclusive club going. Make sure to poke around with "sneaky" questions if you want it to be a surprise. For example, don't blurt out something like, "HEY. Say if, hypothetically, someone was going to get you a greyhound, would you be cool with it?"

Try something like, "Have you ever thought about getting another hound?" If the answer is no, then...consult the rest of this list.

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