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Great Halloween Makeup Ideas - With Fast How To Videos

Updated on April 15, 2011

Quick Make Up Solutions for Halloween with VIDEO

Est Reading Time: 5mins + Average Video Length 7min

Halloween is one of the prime holidays for getting dressed up and having fun. Whilst many people buy great Halloween costumes, the people who stand out at parties combine a great Halloween costume with some great makeup! If you have ever wondered how some of these people do their make up for Halloween, then wonder no more! Here are some great video tutorials on how to do Halloween makeup fast with great effect. For the more confident / advanced make up artists there are some great highly skilled tutorials for you to attempt at which even Hollywood would be proud. Difficulty and kit lists for the make up are provided where available. So have fun, and get creative this Halloween!

Beginner / Medium: Fallen Angel Makeup

This makeup idea is ideal for a Fallen Angel look or a Dark Fairy. Basically it will work for any Halloween Angel / fairy look. It's very simple and highly effective. Whilst it looks very complex, the look can be simplified in a number of ways, such as making less lashes, or changing up the design. However for the full effect the more thin lashes the better. This is a great girls Halloween make up idea from MissChievous.

The video is a good step by step guide which you could follow whilst applying the make up yourself.

Kit List:-

For The Face: Illamasqua cream foundation, Illamasqua Intrigue blush dusted lightly all over

For The Eyes:
ArtDeco eyeshadow base, La Femme Sparkle Dust in Aqua, MAC Reflects Transparent Teal glitter, NYX White e/s, black gel eyeliner (generic brand from ebay), false lashes (generic brand from ebay), small rhinestones from the craft store, Ben Nye black eyeliner, DUO adhesive glue, Essence glitter eyeliner in blue

Ben Nye black eyeliner, Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in Tarred

Then add a fairy costume, and go enjoy the Halloween Party!

Beginner: Sexy Vampire Makeup

This is a simple but effective make up style for a Vampire costume. It would enhance the look of a Vampire Halloween costume without spending a whole lot of time or money on products. The video goes through step by step, but without sound. The final effect with some crazy hair and a sexy costume would be an impressive sight, and something which even beginners or those less confident with makeup can achieve.

Kit List:

For the Face:
Make up: Lirene 14
Powder: JOKO
Bronzing Powder : Compact 14
Concealer: Maybelline Mineral 03 sand

For the Eyes:
Eyeshadows : 120 colour palette
Eyeliner : Julia
Mascara : Rimmel Extra Super Lash
Eyebrow : Essence

Lipstick : Golden Rose 131

Medium / Advanced: Unzipped Halloween

This looks incredibly impressive, however this Halloween makeup tutorial goes through the steps so well that as long as you are confident you could copy this. It's all about layers and adding clever items like the zips to give depth to the scary look. This unzipped zombie is unique and an amazing Halloween look for both men and women. The list of items is quite long, but it could be adapted to your own style for less money by using less colours.

For the zip itself, any old zip will do. Just grab one off an old pair of jeans or coat etc.

For the Zipped Eye:
Eyelid: Deep Shadow Paint, Carbon Eye Shadow.
Crease: as above
liner, Lower: Feline Kohl Power
Mascara: #37 Lash on top, #3 lash on bottom.

For the unzipped Eye:
Eyelid: Deep Shadow Paint, Carbon Eye Shadow.
Crease: as above
liner, Lower: Flammable Paint, Foxy Lady Eye Kohl, Basic Red, Burnt Burgundy, & Black Black pigments, Gloss Texture Creme, Reflects Blackened Red Glitter.
Mascara: #37 Lash on top, #3 lash on bottom.

Liner: Nightmoth Lip Pencil
Lipstick: Honey Flower Lipstick
Finish: Invisible Set Powder

Kit list courtesy of

Advanced: Zombie Makeup

This video does not talk you through, however it shows how to build up the layers of makeup to create some movie quality effects. This zombie face paint is some of the best I've seen. Serious skill and time needed, but what an effect! Its actually pretty disgusting in the end which is kind of the point of Halloween! If you have the skill this is some amazing Zombie makeup to add to a costume.

Products List:

Ben Nye Black Tooth Colour
Ben Nye Zombie Rot Tooth Colour
Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel
Ben Nye Foundation
Ben Nye Burns & Blister Wheel
Ben Nye Stage Blood
Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax
Ben Nye Spirit Gum
Ben Nye Thick Blood
Liquid Latex
Cinema Secrets Paint Dark Brown Colour (name worn out)
Black Eye Liner Pencil
White Stick

Advanced: Zombie Makeup Video

Advanced: Frozen in time

This is another video by Petrilude and is first rate quality. Again it looks incredibly difficult, however this Frozen Ice Queen Halloween look is explained step by step. It truly is an amazing design creatively. It could also double for a Christmas theme.

How to make the snowflakes:

1. Fold a piece of paper twice, then cut out your shape.
2. Cut the final shape in half.
3. Spray with spray adhesive.
4. While adhesive is still wet, paint with pigment to give colour.
5. Spray lightly with adhesive, and paint with reflects glitter.

Flip the snowflake over and repeat steps 3-5, let dry, and you're done!

Make Up Needed:-

For the Face:
Foundation: Anything, 1 shade lighter than your skin tone.
Powder: Coty Translucent Setting Powder.
Snow: Matte Texture Cream, Sugar.

For the Eyes:
Brows: Platinum Plus Pro Lash Mascara
Eyelid: Pixel Paint, Silver Fog Pigment
Crease: Dovefeather Eye Shadow
liner, Lower: Facsinating Eye Kohl (waterline, and Lowwe Lashline), Dovefeather Eye Shadow.
Mascara: Platinum Plus Pro Lash Mascara, Makeup Forever White Feather Lashes.

Blush: Laid Back Blushcreme.
Highlight: Pure White Pigment, Translucent Setting Powder

Liner: Vino Lip Pencil
Lipstick: Wild ‘Bout You, & Viva Glam III Lipsticks.
Finish: Translucent Setting Powder

As you can see this is quite a large list of make up, but it is well worth it. Done right this makeup combined with a matching Halloween outfit would turn so many heads. It wouldn't look out of place on a film set.


Whatever your skill level adding some unique touches with make up really does complete a Halloween outfit. Have fun with it and finish off your great costume with some awesome makeup!

What are you Dressing up for Halloween?

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