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Great Halloween Party Games for all the Family

Updated on October 17, 2009

Here are some great game ideas for a Halloween family party. They won't break the bank and everyone will love them.

Build a Skeleton

Separate the players into small groups. Find a printable skeleton online and print out as many copies as you have teams playing the game. Enlarge them onto A1 sheets of cardboard (a print shop will do this for you fairly inexpensively) and cut out each bone or section of bones, e.g. ribs. You can also buy pre-cut cardboard skeletons from party stores. Place the bones for each skeleton into halloween bags or, better still pumpkin shaped bowls. Each team gets given a bowl or bag of bones and the team that builds their skeleton the fastest is the winner.

Halloween Charades

Give a regular game of charades a unique halloween twist. Each player has to mime a movie, tv show, book or musical with a halloween theme (for example, Dracula, Wicked or the Witches of Eastwick).

Pumpkin Bowling (ideally played outdoors)

Save your empty 2 litre soda bottles - 10 if possible. Fill them with pebbles or sand to weight them down, screw their lids back on and spray them black. When dry, get the kids to decorate them with stick on pumpkins, ghosts, etc. Take some small pumpkins and use these as your bowling balls. Line up the bottles and see who can get a strike first!

Halloween Places

Print out large Halloween themed pictures (e.g. witch, bat, ghost or pumpkin) and stick a different one into each allocated area of the room(e.g on the back of the sofa, in the corner of the room or on the fireplace). Write down the name of each shape on an individual square of paper. Fold and place them into a witches shaped hat or party bag

A designated Music Master, plays some halloween inspired music (e.g the Monster Mash) for the players to dance around to and, when it stops, each player must go to their nearest shape. The Music Master then pulls out piece of paper from the hat or bag and reads out the shape written on it. All those standing by that shape are out. The piece of paper is again folded and put back into the hat or bag. Keep playing until only one player remains - the winner.

Happy Halloween!


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    • profile image

      Anna Hodges 9 years ago

      Some really great ideas here