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Great Holiday Shopping Deals!

Updated on December 2, 2008

It's that time of year!  Millions of people will scour the Internet, newspapers, catalogs and sale pages in search of exceptional bargains.  With the current state of the economy this year may very well be one of the best years's to shop.  As you shop and price/value compare, here are some great tips to keep in mind so you get the most value for your money:

  1. Create a list of 2-3 items for each person on your list so you don't feel limited to one item (which might find you feeling pressured to spend more than you want to please someone on your list)
  2. Give yourself enough time to visit 3 or more stores offline and online to hunt down the best deal for what you want
  3. Network with friends who work with the products you're looking for (they'll probably be your best source for great deals!)
  4. Talk with other smart shoppers who already have or are also looking for the same gift item you are.  If you hit different stores and web sites, together you can scan more merchants and find the best deals quicker
  5. Watch for coupons!  Some department stores have double coupon days which, for you, equals "increased savings"!
  6. Give a gift card (make sure you get the card from a store that's strong and plans to have its stores open throughout 2009).  Giving a gift card leaves the bargain hunting up to the gift receiver, and most folks work hard to get the most mileage out of a gift card.
  7. Create gifts yourself.  That way you only have to get deals on material and the rest is up to you!

Wherever you shop and whatever you gift your family, friends and loved ones this year for the holdiays add a healthy helping of love and you can't go wrong!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Holidays!


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