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Great New Year Gift Ideas for Children

Updated on November 24, 2009
 new year gifts for children, jdurham,
new year gifts for children, jdurham,

While children may not witness the passage of time in the same way as adults do, they still may perceive the New Year's celebration as a quite cherished and much anticipated event. So why not embrace the New Year  with some much anticipated gifts as well? The gifts will be well welcomed of course, and they will emphasize the importance of  appreciating every moment in life. Following are some great and most of all, smart gift ideas for children.

-A New Year Cake

Get some ingredients out and let your child lend a hand in making and decorating a New Year Cake.  Make sure to write in visible icing  the date 2010. At midnight, let your child blow the candles and happily welcome the New Year.

-A diary 

Children may spend countless evenings writing in a diary. A diary, often better known as a journal, may easily become a child's best friend. Their adventure at the park, their hopes, their thoughts will all become immortal once jolted down in the diary. The best part is that a diary  is often saved for later reading. When the child will grow up, it will bring him or her back to those much cherished child hood memories. 

-A calendar

A calendar will help a child organize their day and mark much anticipated events. There are many calenders designed just for children available at stationary stores and even toy stores. You can find collectible calenders, poster calendars, calendars featuring favorite cartoon characters, or you can even custom make a calendar with favorite pictures thanks to special software or get one done from your local photoshop.


Going back to school may be painful for a child that got used to staying at home for the holidays. Make the back to school transition much easier by allowing your child a fresh start with new stationary. It could be a new pen, a set of colored pencils, notebooks featuring favorite cartoon characters or a new lunch box.

-A Musical Instrument

Children love music and they will certainly enjoy spending the New Year playing a musical instrument. Cater to your child's musical perception by giving a piano, a set of drums or a harmonica. Your child will be much grateful and will spend countless hours ppaying the instrument and entertaining family. 

-A book

Take your child by the hand and head to your local Barnes and Noble bookstore. A book is always a great gift and of course it is very educational. Your child will be eager to pick a book and read it during the New Year. Another option is to sign up your child to a local library and give the library card as a gift.

-A camera

Who said that a camera should be only operated by an adult? No, you will not have to give up your expensive camera and cross your fingers that your child will not drop it or break it. Fisher Price now has developed a tough digital camera with children in mind. Let your child's creativity flow as he or she captures memorable events.

A seen, there are several gift ideas for New Years for your child. They will surely be much welcomed and cherished. But most of all, they will make New Year's day a quite memorable event. 

Encouage creativity

Fisher-Price Kid - Tough Digital Camera Blue [Amazon Frustration - Free Packaging]
Fisher-Price Kid - Tough Digital Camera Blue [Amazon Frustration - Free Packaging]

The award-winning and best-selling kid tough digital camera was the first preschool appropriate digital camera.

The camera also maintains its easy-to-use format and simple buttons

Featuring a 1.5" color LCD preview screen which allows kids to instantly see the picture they have taken.

Even the youngest in your family can enjoy taking and sharing pictures



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