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Great New Years Resolutions For 2012

Updated on December 30, 2011

Another Year To Make Great

My dad was right. Time sure does fly by. It's funny, however. Remember when you were a kid and time just seemed to drag on and on. You couldn't wait to grow up so you could be doing things you wanted to do. Then, when you hit a certain age, it just seems time keeps speeding up.

So another year has ended, and we're heading into 2012. Time for new year's resolutions again! Believe it or not, I went around and asked a whole bunch of people in my area what their new year's resolutions were going to be.

I got quite a few interesting answers, and in this hub, I'm going to share some of the best ones I got. They also maybe cliche, but there's a reason for that, and that's because many people are struggling to accomplish the same resolution. So if you find one in here that matches yours, don't feel bad. Just remember you're not alone.

Finding That Special Someone

Ah, if love wasn't somewhere in the top ten for new year's resolutions, I think that would be just wrong. Yes, many I asked said finding love was a goal for them in 2012. Is there a better time? Perhaps.

This country has the highest singles rate ever in it's history. Unfortunately, it also has a high divorce rate as well. Hmmm...Am I seeing a correlation here? Maybe. The weird thing is that online dating has become even more extremely popular.

I could write a whole book about why many people get in their own way when it comes to finding that special someone, but you'll just have to wait on that. Besides, I'm pretty sure a lot of people have already written books on that subject.

No surprise that a lot of people will be trying to find love in 2012, so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and'll find that certain someone.

New Career

With economy in a slump and slowly....very slowly coming back...a lot of people have mentioned going back to college to change their careers or, at least, get more skilled in their current career.

I have to commend this particular new year's resolution. It's not easy going back to school. Even worse, the proposed rise of college tuition will be astronomical. For those who are really serious about changing careers to make more dollars, do your research on the best fields that are projected to grow.

There's no point in paying expensive tuition to get a graphic design degree if you plan to go into print design when the field is gearing more towards website design, right? So make sure you know the market of a particular field before you drop your hard earned dollars on expensive education.

Losing Weight

One of the most popular resolutions almost every year, losing weight, getting fit, and being healthier is quite a trendy mindset in American society that's often not achieved by most. However, if you're serious about shedding a few pounds in 2012, please do this in a healthy manner.

I know most women who just stop eating, and I'm sorry but this isn't healthy. Diet is crucial in losing weight, but remember your body needs energy. That's why it's always safer to have a healthy diet.

There's tons of healthy recipes online to look up that are quite tasty and great to add to your diet.The Food Network always has great, healthy recipe ideas to help you shed those pounds so click on the link to check them out. is another great resource for some delicious healthy dishes to cook up.

Remember, although your diet is number one in helping you to lose weight, so is exercise. Burning excess calories that your body will store as fat is crucial. If you aren't active, it's time to think about it.

However, don't go overboard. If you're not use to exercising, start off slow. Go for walks more often. Losing a lot of weight in a short time is not healthy for your body. You'll actually be putting your body through a lot of stress with such a drastic change in a short time span.

Set realistic goals and start off light. Once your body builds up endurance then set new goals in terms of exercise. You can do it! With a little determination, confidence, and effort, you can lose weight and get fit in 2012.

Quitting Smoking

Ah, I hear this from smokers every year. The only problem is that I usually hear it from the same smokers every year.

Quitting smoking isn't an easy thing to do at all. If you have great will power, you may try to quit cold turkey. However, you should know that most fail when trying this method. It's much better to have a little help to curb your nicotine cravings.

There are some ways of getting help. Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges are the most popular over-the-counter ways of curbing nicotine attacks. A few have used these methods with success.

However, if you've tried these without success, you can visit your doctor and he can prescribe you Chantix or another prescription drug to help ween you off nicotine.

There's no better time to quit than soon, so hopefully you'll make 2012 the year to be cigarette free! Good luck, my friend.

What's Your New Years Resolution for 2012

These are just some of the great and most popular answers I've gotten. Quite of them are great goals for the new year. So what's your new year's resolution for 2012? Be sure to comment below. Don't be shy.

Oh, yes, and Happy New Year to all. May 2012 be great!


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