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Green Bay Packers Football Party Supplies, Super Bowl Ideas and Decorations

Updated on March 31, 2012

Green Bay Packer Party Supplies


Celebrate with Your Favorite Team

The Green Bay Packers are one of the NFL's oldest and most enjoyable football teams. The Packers have a historic past and enjoy a following by several football fans.

Celebrate the football season or throw a football themed party with Green Bay Packers green and gold themed party decorations! Whether you decide to throw a party for game day or for as a theme for a birthday party any time of the year can be a Green Bay Packers celebration day!

First start with Green Bay Packers Deluxe Party Pack. This pack includes dinner plates, cups, fork, knives, spoons, napkins, table cover, football centerpiece, balloons, crepe paper rolls, ribbon and other accessories featuring your favorite team.

Decorate your home in the Green Bay Packers team colors using green and tablecloths, candles, bowls and places, cups, napkins, hats, and other additions.

Add some football party favors including a soft football, beads, football clapper and hats. Create a football themed cake using a football cake pan and decorate with your team colors. Throw in some football theme games for half time and add plenty of food to finish off the party.

Make sure your guests come dressed in their favorite Packer outfits. If you decide to throw a Green Bay Packers birthday party for kids you can provide football themed gifts, games, and coloring pages for the kids to enjoy.

Super Bowl Parties Ideas and Supplies

After all the celebrating and watching your favorite teams get ready for the Super Bowl it is time to get ready and stock up on your Super Bowl party supplies.

Besides ordering the food, getting the chips and dips ready, and baking football cupcakes and other fun stuff. You will need to get your Super Bowl supplies in order.

Party supplies can consists of party favors including noise makers, football beads and Super Bowl trophies. Add some banners, a Super Bowl party kit that includes plates, napkins, cups and silverware and get the party started!

Add a football field tablecloth to your table and some football centerpieces for game day fun. Party hats, shirts and other football apparel for your guests that come unprepared for the big game can be an added bonus.

There are many Super Bowl themed party supplies available online and at party stores that feature the teams playing in the Super Bowl or just a plain Super Bowl themed decoration on them.

Whether you are throwing a party for 2 people or 20 people you can make your party more fun by adding some Super Bowl decorations to your home or party area.

Green Bay Packers Song


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