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Green Christmas Decorating 2009 - Go Green

Updated on December 16, 2009

Green Christmas Decorating 2009 - How and Why

Green Christmas decorating need not be scary, or a great mystery. Follow the three Rs and you are almost there. Still confused? Don't be, the three R's are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and this hub will show you how the three Rs can be put to good use in Green Christmas Decorating this year.

Ever wondered why be bothered with green Christmas decorating? Christmas is the time of excesses, and the waste and carbon emissions generated by Christmas celebrations have a massive negative environmental impact. Did you know that an additional million tons of waste is generated during the festive season in the US alone, or that 80 km2 of wrapping paper is generated each Christmas in Britain? Did you know that Christmas cards thrown away each Christmas in the US can fill a football stadium? All this ends up in land fills. Although city councils in the UK collect material for recycling, at Christmas the storage space runs out and some of it ends up again in landfills. Have you ever wondered about the carbon footprint of Christmas celebrations with all the increased travel and shipping associated with the celebrations. Scientists predict that further increase in carbon emissions will have serious emissions on the poorest and most vulnerable countries of the world, who have a very light carbon footprint.

Can make a comnnection between the three Rs and green Christmas decorating now? Read on and this hub will show you how.

All You Need for Green Christmas Decorating

Tips for Green Christmas Decorating 2009


  • Energy consumption
  • Cluttery decorations
  • Packaging and wrapping paper
  • Non-recyclable materials
  • Petroluem based products
  • Real paper Christmas cards


  • Old lights if energy efficient
  • Old wrapping paper if saved up
  • Your old furnishings dressed up with accessories
  • Cutlery and china for your Christmas feast
  • Scraps from you sewing/ craft boxes


  • Compost everything possible including your old christmas tree
  • Old Christmas cards and gift wrap
  • All non- biodegradable items

Great Books on Green Christmas Decorating

How to Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Reduce the number of lights used - less lights used less energy consumed 
  • Use LED lights instead of incandescent, they consume less energy
  • Select lights that are Energy Star rated - they have better energy consumption rates 
  • Switch off lights when not needed - reduces energy consumprtion and fire hazards
  • Use natural wax candles instead of paraffin - reduces use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions


How to Decorate a Real Green Chirstmas Tree

  • Select a live tree instead of an artificial one, it is nicer and greener
  • Water and take care of the tree while decorated, follow supplier's instructions
  • Reduce the number of tree ornaments, so that each one may be admired for its beauty
  • Reuse your old ornaments, they will bring back fond memories
  • Make ornaments out of odds and ends. Your sewing/craft scrap box, kitchen and woodland finds make good raw materials
  • Replant your tree if potted, or burlap wrapped, otherwise compost the twigs and recycle the logs

Live Green Christmas Trees from Amazon

Real wreaths for Green Christmas Decorating

  • Use natural foliage and other organic materials for the base of your wreath
  • Woodland finds such as pinecones, berries and seaside finds such as shells and whelks make good embelishments for Christmas wreaths.
  • the kitchen is another treasure trove colourful fruits, veggies and spices such as chillies and bundles of cinnamon sticks would make fine wreath decorations
  • Dyed eggshells and other odds and ends from your scrap box can be useful decorations
  • Don't forget to compost your foliage and other organic matter once the wreaths are taken down, and recycle or store the other decor as appropriate.

You may have now noticed that green Christmas decorating is in fact easier. You may also notieced that green Christmas decorating is in fact cheaper as consumption is reduced and old materials are reused. This may be considered as an additional bonus of green Christmas decorating.

So Happy Green Christmas Decorating - Go Green and Save $$$!


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