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Going Green Party

Updated on March 23, 2016
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Jaynie has extensive experience with party and event planning, having planned events for groups between 20 and 600 people.

Going Green

Everywhere you look, society is "going green." If you have a passion for party planning, you can use this concept to design the perfect spring or summer party. The concept of green suggests freshness and new beginnings, so the idea is perfect for a variety of parties including wedding or baby showers, graduations, or garden parties.

The Invitation

Your invitations are your party's calling card, so make sure they reflect the degree of elegance that will be featured at your party. Invitations with green damask covers create a lovely, classic flare. Simply apply cream-colored letters spelling out, “You’re Invited” onto the damask covers using hot glue. Letters can be found at most scrapbook stores or retailers that sell scrapbooking materials. Use either damask design card stock or wallpaper that can be glued with wallpaper glue onto the front of your card stock after folding it in half. Scripted inserts featuring party details can made on your home computer and incorporate your theme colors. To ensure that your color scheme is as vibrant and pervasive as possible, encourage people to dress in your theme colors.

DIY Cupcake and Dessert Bar

The DIY cupcake bar will definitely be one of your party's highlights, especially if you offer other sweet fare such as pistachio and chocolate pudding served in martini glasses. Pistachio pudding is delightfully sweet and green making it the perfect addition to your dessert table. Simply rim the martini glasses with powdered chocolate before filling with pudding. Consider using small, edible orchids as garnishes for a sophisticated, elegant flare. The chocolate pudding glasses can be garnished with strawberries or Andes mints.

Your DIY cupcake table should include a variety of undecorated cupcake flavors. Tall, thin flower vases filled with green M&Ms will add a whimsical yet elegant look to your table when set between mini-cupcakes nestled comfortably in a graduated votive candleholder trees. Provide an array of toppings from which your guests may choose, including a several varieties of pre-made frostings that have been loaded into icing tubes, chocolate jimmies, colored sprinkles, chocolate curls, mini-M&Ms, edible pearls, almond slivers, macadamia nuts, cocoa powder, fresh raspberries, etc. Consider offering prizes for the most creative or beautiful cupcakes, the most delicious or those with the best use of color.

Have plenty of damask designed napkins on hand. They'll be in keeping with your theme and you’ll need them!

The Ambience

Infusing your party's venue with the colors and patterns of your theme will create an over-the-top atmosphere and remind guests at every turn of what your theme really is.

A glass and chrome table would serve as the perfect platform for your dessert buffet, creating a sparkly, clean, chic look that screams modern yet elegant.

White laminate tables, harkening back to the stylish days of art deco would provide the perfect spots for guests to nosh on their hand-crafted desserts. Metallic green, circular and crescent shaped streamers hung from the ceiling would create an added flare. If that is not possible, consider floating a combination of green, gray and cream-colored pearl helium balloons from your ceiling and allowing small lengths of curling ribbon to hang from them. Imagine the entire ceiling in the main party room being filled with the balloons! If this seems more your style, consider renting a small helium tank and filling them yourself at home. It would be far more economical.

Fresh floral arrangements will add to the sense of freshness and "green" for which you are striving, so be sure that your party decorations include clear glass vases featuring calla lilies. The stems will bring out the green in your party’s theme and the blooms are classic crème colored.

Changing your lamp lighting to low wattage green bulbs will illuminate the room in a thematic glow. If you're looking to add a more retro flare to the ambience, set out a few green lava lamps. The larger the lamp, the better it will look. This look is always mesmerizing.

Other Elements

No party is complete without music and when chosen wisely, your music will help set the tone of your party. If it's a low-key, retro atmosphere you're going for, your playlist might include artists such as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Buble, Harry Connick Jr., Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and others.

If your party will take place in different rooms or a combination of indoor and outdoor areas, you can consider featuring diverse styles in different areas to reflect the events in those rooms. For example, your dessert room may feature background music while another room may feature upbeat tunes that encourage guests to get up and dance!

Since you're featuring a dessert bar, don't forget the actual bar! After all, guests will need something to wash down those sweet treats, and many people actually prefer dessert libations to chewable sweets. Apple martinis, chocolate martinis, Bailey's Irish Cream and grasshoppers make lovely dessert drinks and would surely be in keeping with the color scheme.

If you’d like your guests to leave with a little something to remember your party, consider selecting small gift bags with a damask pattern that you can stuff with green or cream tissue paper and printed copies of the recipes you’ve used for your cupcakes and martinis, homemade CDs featuring your party play lists, small cream-colored mesh bags tied with green or gray ribbon and filled with green M&Ms, and/ or other small novelties.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your special day!

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