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Green Machines Make Great Gifts

Updated on December 18, 2013

Basic Information

Last year my husband and I purchased two huffy green machines for our oldest two boys. What I thought would be just a cool gift turned out to be much more than that.

At a weight limit of 150 pounds, most anyone could take a ride. Their laid back style worked different muscles than your average bike. The best part was the spin-out you could initiate on turns. My boys have raced with these and just rode for fun. The neighbor children have enjoyed them also. On most nice days, I can be found outside watching the kids riding around on these different bikes.

The green machine is fairly easy to assemble. It took us about 45 minutes for the first one and then half that time for the second. I highly recommend a drill. They are very sturdy and can take the abuse that young boys inflict. I will say that the flag that they come with only lasted about 15 minutes once they were on the road.

Because of their low stature, I do like to keep a close eye on the children when they ride in the street. They employ rear wheel control and it uses levers instead of your standard steering wheel. It really is something different to ride. There is a hand brake as is standard on a ten speed bicycle.

Huffy Green Machine

With a 150 pound weight limit, even a few grown-ups can have some fun.
With a 150 pound weight limit, even a few grown-ups can have some fun.

Common Problems

We have encountered problems with the plastic seat. The way the bolts are placed causes the seat to split on the seams. My husband duct taped them up before the children rode them. This seems to help. When it came time for a new seat I just went to the huffy green machine website and wrote a note to a customer service representative. They asked for my bike number, which is located on the bottom of the bike, and the reason for my note. They sent two replacement seats at no charge to me.

We did encounter another problem with the metal frame. There was a tear in the front wheel assembly. Luckily, most muffler shops repair children’s toys for free. We simply unscrewed this piece and took it to a muffler shop where the gentleman welded it back good as new. The first bike tore about 2 months after we got it. The second bike tore about 10 months after our purchase. This usually occurs when little boys get too rough and try things that they shouldn’t.

Problems that may come up.

This happens after alot of use and is an easy and usually free fix.
This happens after alot of use and is an easy and usually free fix. | Source

Why I love these bikes.

There are few reasons I love these bikes:

1. They are low to the ground so if they fall it's not as dangerous.

2. They make the kids tired and if you have kids you know how awesome this is.

3. They offer a different kind of work-out for the kids. They work different muscle groups.

4. They are fun for some of the older kids too.

5. The frame itself is metal and a little more sturdy than your average big wheel bike.

6. It's something the family can do together.

7. The kids can have timed races if you get more than one.

8. They are reasonably priced and occasionally on sale at Target or Walmart.

9. They come in pink for the ladies.

10. They come in two different sizes.

Green Machines get the kids outside

Green Machine Fun

One year later

It's been a year and the kids are still enjoying these bikes. I will send out a warning. You will have neighbor kids come over and want to play. Even their parents will be curious. I think our neighbor's children have had as much fun as my own. I am so glad we purchased these bikes.


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