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Buy The Best Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Thank You Cards, Christmas Cards Here!

Updated on August 27, 2011

Yes, you can buy the best here - greeting cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and christmas cards!  We have the links to the very best!

The most convenient way of purchasing these really are by buying online. In this article, we look at shopping ideas, personalized online cards and a selection of bulk hand-picked cards that help to make your point!

There are three ways of purchasing greeting cards. You can get them personalised via the Internet and dispatched directly from your chosen company, to land on the reciever's door mat. You can buy them from Internet companies like Amazon, for example, sent to you for you to personalize and pass on. Or you can buy them the conventional way - High Street shopping!

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Purchasing Greeting Cards, Gifts Or Any Form Of Shopping In A Shop Is Not For Me!

Now, I'm not a fan of High Street shopping. I don't like the hustle and bustle, people knocking into you, you knocking into them and being bogged down with shopping bags. You could say 'it's not my bag, man' and you would be right!

Shopping For Cards

Queuing drives me mad. It always pains me when I have waited, what seems like ages, at the checkout, to notice the queue behind me huffing and puffing because they too are getting impatient. I always look quite anxious as I desperately try and find the right end, the right side and the right angle to slip that credit card into that checkout gadget. Is anyone watching, whilst the bored checkout operator looks at the clock in anticipation for home time!

No, purchasing greeting cards, gifts or ANY form of shopping in a shop is not for me!

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Personalized Online Greeting Cards

If I want to buy something special, in a hurry and want it posted in my behalf, I have found that buying personalized online greeting cards a great method.

Whether it is birthday cards, thank you cards or Christmas cards, I love to scan the Internet, pick the card and have it personalised to the personality of the special people in my life.

I have a terrible memory for special occasions - I rarely know what day of the week it, yet alone that we are approaching a special day for my loved ones - so I set my computer to remind me a week before that special Birthday.

Let me add, it is Birthday cards I particularly have a problem with - Christmas cards can never be forgotten because we are constantly reminded of this event daily, the closer we get to the 25th December! And yes, for those special people, I like to buy them a card with that special Christmas wish from online sources.

Sometimes I like to surprise people. There is nothing more heart warming when people receive personalised thank you cards, get well soon and something to just make them laugh, pop through the letter box. People need to know they are being thought about, and what a lovely way to do it!

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Online Greeting Cards

So, horses for courses, we have everyone else that we need to cater for. These are work mates, acquaintainces and neighbours. For those, I tend to buy good quality selection boxes of cards.

Buying these online greeting cards in bulk are not only cheaper but they are always on hand when I need them. Remember that I am lacking in the realms of meaningful celebration dates - I often forget my own special occasion's, so what hope has anyone else?

Amazon - My Favourite For Bulk Online Greeting Cards

Where is my favourite online shop? It has to be Amazon. I love this store - it is the hallmark of convenience - a true convenience store! As they say, themselves, and you are done! It really is true. I have never been disappointed and I have been shopping online for the last 15 years. You save your greetings cards to your shopping cart, go to payments, pay with your credit card and within days, you have your cards delivered to your home. What more can you want?

Anyway, take a look of these special selections that I have selected for you...

All Occasion Greeting Cards

  • 30 beautiful handmade cards.  All packaged in a decorative, reusable box (including a card calendar and organizer).  The cards are made with fine heavy weight paper and the quality of the embellisments are of a high standard.  All these cards come color coordinated envelopes, individually wrapped.  Contain within this package are: 14 birthday cards, 6 congratulations cards (baby, wedding, etc.), 4 care and concern, 2 thank you cards, 4 friendship/blank cards.

  • This beautiful selection of 12 all occasion cards and envelopes are all made from 100% recycled paper and are produced as naturally as possible. This batch of cards have handmade letterpressed attachments all embedded with natural wildflower seeds and are printed with vegetable based inks!

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  • Want a laugh? This Amazon exclusive selection of 10 is especially recommended. Printed on high quality recycled paper and with 5 star reviews, this deal really is something to be laughing at! Click and take a look - buyers of this are really happy they did!

  • Say it with a quote! This pack of 12 come highly recommended (see reviews) with timeless quotations to the front of the 5 x 7 inched cards. Each card has a birthday greeting inside and the envelopes are foil-lined to add that bit of shazzaz! Beautiful cards, for a wonderful occasion!

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Thank You Cards

  • These elegant and beautifully boxed thank you cards are a real joy to give.  Robin's Eggs designs on a creamy white card stock and beautiful textured envelopes, how can anyone not love these?

  • Simplicity is best. These thank you cards are elegant and allows you to put your own personalised message inside. All the reviews for this package give a thumbs up for this package, making this a 5 star recommendation. If in doubt, click and see what everyone says!

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Christmas Cards

Here are a terrific cross section of lovely Christmas greeting cards, all come highly recommended and well reviewed. Why not get your set in now, before they sell out?

Review comments like these, should not be ignored:

  • 'A little late for Christmas card review but I have been somewhat disappointed with the cards I find at the local stores. I was so pleased to find that these cards which you can't see by the pictures are of excellent quality. Nice paper products, vibrant ink. It reminds me of the cards we sent out many years ago... and that is a good thing.' (City Scenes Christmas Cards).
  • 'I used these as gift cards for my daughter's teachers at the holiday. The price is good and the cards made me smile.' (Party Penguin Cards)
  • 'I first saw these at a store and thought it was a beautiful collection. Each of the 26 cards are different, one for each letter of the alphabet (Y is for Yule log, etc.). So every recipient will get a unique card. The cards are rather petite, but they felt high quality, sturdy and well made. The pop-ups ranged from a static 3-D scene to some basic movements, like a smaller "To:" gift label that pops out of a scene, another card is of the nutcracker figure that closes its mouth. The messages inside each of the cards varied as well, some said Merry Christmas, others said Happy Holidays.' (Christmas Alphabet Cards).
  • 'I ordered my Christmas cards this year through and I'm glad I did! This particular design was beautiful and of very good quality. The design shown on the front was continued on the back of the card and covered the entire back. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again next year. I was extremely pleased.' (Caspari Range)

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Buying Greeting Cards? Why Not Buy A Gift?

Why not go that step further and buy a gift?  The following links might just help you get those gift ideas for that special occasion.  Why not take a look?

Greeting Cards Covered!

It looks like now you have your greeting cards covered, all you need to do is bag those in the convenience of your own home.  Purchasing online birthday cards, thank you cards and Christmas cards has never been so easy or secure.  With these tips, you can't really go wrong.  So what are you waiting for?  Drop those cards to the people that matter most - don't delay, get them in today! 

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Joy56 - you are never too early to start! Good luck!

    • Joy56 profile image


      8 years ago

      I love your informative hub... I teach card making, and would love to sell my work online.... not up to that point yet,but maybe one day.,


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