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Gumdrop Christmas Decorations: A Gingerbread Theme

Updated on March 21, 2011

When you think of Santa's house in the North Pole you may envision a scene complete with gumdrop Christmas decoration. If you want to incorporate a look that mixes the gingerbread house look in with your holiday décor, consider using gumdrop Christmas decoration. The gingerbread house look for the holidays is so special and sentimental. Many people have lovely memories of spending hours making gingerbread houses with their families.

Decorating Colors

Gumdrops are so colorful and beautiful in design naturally. When using them in Christmas décor you are not limited to colors of red and green. Gumdrop décor allows you to use yellow, pink, purple, and orange as well. You can really get a magical fairytale look with gumdrop decorations. Most are also coated with white sparkles, which make them even more appealing to the eye.

Outdoor Use

If you are using white lights in your outdoor area, colorful gumdrops can be the splash of color you need to keep from being boring. You can get large gumdrops made of plastic at many holiday stores. Craft outlets often carry these items as well. They are durable and will hold up in rain or snow throughout the winter.

If you are using colored lights, consider lining your windows, roof, and outer edges of your house. By lighting up these areas, you will have created a ginger bread house look for your home, which is perfectly finished with gumdrop décor. For added flair, add white icicle lights along the roof so it looks like dripping icing from your roof. This is a lovely way to decorate for the holidays.

Large plastic gumdrops look wonderful outside even in the daytime. They have a decorative appeal when the lights are on or off. So, if you want outdoor décor that even works when the sun is shining, gumdrop Christmas decoration is a great solution.

Indoor Use

There are several things you can do with gumdrops indoors. First, if you are indeed going for the ginger bread house theme, then you certainly need to create a ginger bread house or two using gumdrops as decoration. You can display these until Christmas eve and then allow everyone to taste their goodness. This is a fun activity for the whole family to participate in each year. If you don't like ginger bread, then opt for graham crackers and icing to make your houses.

You can also create gumdrop sculptures using glue or icing if you want them edible. Use your gumdrops (edible or faux) and icing or glue to create shapes such as a small house or a candy cane. You can even create ornaments out of these candies if you use faux varieties. Don't use edible candies for ornaments unless you plan on keeping them out of storage for the next year. Animals such as mice will be drawn to any food you keep in storage.

As you can see, there are several things you can do with gumdrop Christmas decoration and the ginger bread house theme. All you need to do is grab "Hansel and Gretel" and take a look at what a true ginger bread house looks like. Then grab your gumdrops and get to work!


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