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Guys: Simple,nice, sweet, inexpensive ideas to do on Valentines Day for your woman

Updated on March 7, 2012

Typical Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her, With a Twist

The following are tips you can use to show you love and care for your woman on Valentines Day. Of coarse you shouldn't limit these ideas to just Valentines Day, you should incorporate some of these ideas in your everyday life as well to show your girlfriend that you are always thinking about her. She will definitely respond to your liking plus more;)

Roses and Chocolate. Typical, I know but you can always sweeten this gift up by getting her favorite chocolates, or getting her favorite types of flowers. You can trick her by giving her a plain box with something silly in it like a toothbrush, and then put a piece of cardboard in between the toothbrush and the chocolate. Then she will think she got a huge box with just a toothbrush in it, but then take off the cardboard, and she will find her chocolates in there. You can also throw some lollipops in there, or her favorite candies.

Make her a card-yep, make it yourself. It may sound childish and you can always just go buy a card, write something nice written inside and hand it to her, but a homemade card shows that you put some time, effort and thought into it. Any woman would feel remarkably special receiving this from her man. Just make sure you write a few sweet honest words from your heart in the card, and you can be tacky by drawing pictures and hearts on it. I like to make a simple card by using construction paper and gel pens, write something cute, funny and loving on it, and as long as it comes from the heart it will be very much appreciated. Think of what your lover would like on it, you can even incorporate an inside joke or memory into the card if you like.

Cook her a romantic dinner for two. Set up a candlelight dinner, you can have nice music in the background as well. Cook her a nice steak dinner or spaghetti. Anything you like and you think she would like. Have some wine with your dinner. Give her all the attention plus more during your dinner and she will be delighted you did so much for her. You can always take her out to dinner, but a home cooked meal will mean a lot to her since you're the one that cooked it. Make sure that if you do have nice music playing in the background, dance with our woman after your dinner. If she likes to dance she will like that you initiated dancing with her.

Sweet simple little nothings...that can mean a lot to her

  • Just tell her you love her. Tell her she's beautiful. Show her a little more affection than you usually do. Touch her, kiss her, love her! She will surely appreciate your sweet gestures and it comes at no cost for you.
  • Put on one of your "sexy" boxers or make up a sexy outfit and while she's in the bathroom or away from the bedroom, or even if she's coming home from work, put it on and put some music on. Light some candles to set the mood. Do a little dance for her, be funny and sexy. She will surely enjoy it and will probably give you a little something in return.
  • Stay home and have a movie night. Get some popcorn, pick the type of movie she likes, or a movie you both may like and cuddle up and watch it together.
  • Take her out dancing. Most guys think girls just want to go out dancing with their girlfriends. I actually love to go with just my boyfriend, because i love to dance and it's cute to watch how he reacts and dances with me. There are plenty of clubs and bars in which you don't have to pay to enter, and you can always have a few beers at home before you go out in order to save some money. But remember, don't drink and drive, you will regret the consequences and will ruin your night!
  • Leave her little random sweet love notes. On the windshield of her car, in her car, on the fridge, in her purse. Anywhere where you would know she will definitely find your cute little surprise. Tell her you adore her. Tell her you'll be thinking about her all day while she's at work or something. Let her know you care, and when she finds the note you will definitely make her smile.
  • Take her on a romantic stroll/hike. Find a place with a nice scenery, if it's during the day take her to somewhere with a lake or by a mountain so you two can enjoy the view together. If you go somewhere at night you can take her somewhere to look at the stars or to look at the lights of a city view. Be creative and think up some places to take her.
  • Get the massage oil out and give her a nice massage! Help her release some stress. A full body massage would be your best bet. She will not resist, and may even give you one in return.

Remember to always shower your woman with love...

Relationships after a while tend to fade when it comes to doing that cutesy lovey dovey kind of stuff. Don't let it fade, that is the mistake we all make. Do these little things every one in a while, and especially on Valentines Day and she will really appreciate how much you care, and will do things in return that you will enjoy. Happy love lives everybody:) <3

We all for the most part seem to do sweet things in the beginning, but then it fades. Women: Does he need to do a little more for you or is he just that wonde

Ladies, does your man show you he cares by doing sweet little things or do you think he should take more time to do sweet little things for you?

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