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Nearly Time For Halloween

Updated on August 26, 2009


The history of Halloween can be traced back too over 2,000 years. The earliest celebrations of Halloween were by the Celtic who lived in what we now know as United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France.

Today's Halloween:

Today’s Halloween celebrations combine the fun and food of the Samhain festivals of the Celts. Costumes, pumpkins and spooks all come together to make one of the more popular holidays in the United States and the United Kingdom.



This is one of the real traditional Halloween games that can be dated way back to Ancient Rome, When is was believed to be performed during the Roman harvest festival that honoured the goddess Pamona.

Firstly you need to find a large wooden, plastic or metal tub lots of department stores will have these and you might even be able to find a Halloween themed tub! Just make sure the tub is clean inside and out.

Now purchase small to medium apples (small apples are easier for the kids to bite into!) be sure to remove all the stems and wash the apples thoroughly. Next fill the tubs with water within a few inches from the top. It is also a good idea to keep some towels around as this game will be a watery mess when the kids start racing to get the apple first.

The players will now try and retrieve the apples with only there mouth by placing their heads in the water filled tubs.This is actually a lot harder than it sounds as the apples will disappear under the water.

The kids who are able to retrieve an apple are rewarded with a prize.



First purchase some eggs and paint them like eyeballs. You will also need some Tea spoons.

Divide the children into teams. Give one of the children on each team a spoon and an egg eyeball. Set up the relay course, If you set up the course with objects in the way of the children this will make it a little more interesting.

Now basically the children have to run through the course without dropping the egg which has to be balanced on the spoon. you guys get the idea! first team to complete wins.

Note: The eggs can be replaced for ping pong balls if the game is to be played indoors or if you don't want to make a mess.


Decorate your garden by just adding lots of scary things (which you have most probably done as it is Halloween!). You can add black plastic bats, plastic spiders, fake webs, fake tombstone, Punpkins and even provide scary music. (Just don't make it too scary if this is being played with the younger kids!)

Hide prizes and sweet treats amongst the plants and decorations and let the kids go on a hunt. For older kids you can even have a couple of disguised adults or two hiding around dressed as ghosts!



Okay, to help you out with the Halloween “must have” decoration, here’s a quick how to:

Things you will need:

Sharp knife (big and small)
Marker pen
Candle, Torch or another lighting device

Below are the easy steps to make your perfect Halloween Pumpkin::

1. Choose your pumpkin.There should be no soft spots on the outside of the pumpkin. Fresh pumpkins are also easier to cut!

2. Size is not really important just pick one that you like. Big, Small, Thin or long it’s totally up to you. Keep in mind, however larger pumpkins are a lot easier to carve and cut.

3. Wash and clean any dirt from the outside of your pumpkin.

4. Use your marker to trace a square or hexagonal shape around the stem on the top of the pumpkin. Straight lines are much easier to cut.

5. Using a back and forth motion, cut out the top of the pumpkin. Angle your blade slightly so that when you’re done with all the carving and you put the top back on, it won’t slide back inside the pumpkin.

6. Slice the end (that has all the pumpkin guts attached) off the pumpkin top. Remove some of the pumpkin meat so that you dont get the smell of cooking pumpkin when you light your candle inside.

7. Use the spoon to gently scoop out the pumpkin meat. Make sure you remove all the fibers from the inside of the pumpkin. If you don’t, when you place your candle inside, the fibers can dry and catch fire.

8.Using your marker, draw the face on the front of the pumpkin. Maybe you don’t want to carve a face at all, maybe you want to carve a witch, or get a group of pumpkins and carve a letters in each one to spell a word. It’s  up to you and how you want your pumpkin to look. Keep in mind, the larger the features you carve, the easier it will be to remove those parts of the pumpkin. However, smaller features will have an scarier glow than larger holes.

9. With the smaller knife, carefully carve out the face you drew on your pumpkin.

10. Push the cut pieces out by pushing them from the inside of the pumpkin.

11. Congratulations you’re done. Pop a candle, glow stick, flashlight or other non-electrical light inside your pumpkin. Turn off all the lights and watch it glow! Enjoy..


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