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Birthday Wishes, Cards, and Quotes for Your Brother

Updated on January 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Brother!

It is that time of the year — your brother's birthday is coming up! This post contains a great collection of free birthday wishes for brothers, from elder brothers and younger brothers to your twin brother. With them a happy birthday with these interesting quotes, wishes, cute coloring pages, funny birthday wishes, and images that you can print out or just be inspired by.

Huge Collection of Images

A unique card.
A unique card.
A vintage birthday card.
A vintage birthday card.
From a sister to a brother.
From a sister to a brother.

Video Greeting

Sweet Quotes

Video: Happy Birthday Song for Your Brother

There are many ways to wish a brother happy birthday, depending on the relationship.

  • Some like to tease their brothers with funny quotes, greetings and images.
  • Some like serious messages with more heartfelt quotes and greetings.
  • There are also just those who just want to convey how much they love and value their brother. There are beautiful and emotional messages for this as well.

A Funny Simpsons Card

Funny and Unique Greetings

Sarcastic card.
Sarcastic card.
Simpsons birthday wish.
Simpsons birthday wish.

Video: Cute Teddy Sings Funny Birthday Song

For Your Little Brother

Quotes on Images

For Your Twin Brother:

There is nothing more special than wishing a happy birthday to a twin brother. Twins are like reflections of one another, and yet they are both unique and have subtle (or major) differences in the way they look and behave. However, there's still that rare connection of sharing a birthday with your sibling. Below, find some appropriate and unique wishes for your twin brother.

Coloring Pages for Children

If your brother is much younger, you can try giving him a birthday coloring image that he can color himself with crayons, colored pencils, or watercolors for a fun birthday activity. Kids love coloring pages, and what better activity than to have them partake in coloring on their special day?


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    • profile image

      Sharon Renfroe 2 months ago

      How do I pay to use one of your images?

    • WriterKat profile image

      WriterKat 3 years ago from KittyLand

      Both my brothers' have their birthday this month so finding this post on great birthday wishes for brothers was a gem find. T

    • K Kiss profile image

      K Kiss 3 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      Thanks for stopping by at my hub on Birthday wishes for brother.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Cool ideas, thanks for sharing!