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Updated on May 11, 2015

On mother's day most are celebrating mother's that are alive, and some are mourning and remembering mother's that are passed on.

Anna M Jarvis from Webster, VA, born in 1864 lost her mother on Sunday May 1908. She decided to establish a day to celebrate mothers , and honor them. So she went public with her idea, and it was an absolute yes! Anna; however, never had kids of her own or married, but she gave birth to something very beautiful. Mother's day. A day to celebrate life. For without mother's, we wouldn't have life, they bear and give life to God's creation.

History of Moms

The Greeks and Romans too had a love for mothers. The greeks would honor Rhea wife of Cronus and many other deities. There we have Greek Mythology. Mother's celebration probably goes back at least 200 years before Christ birth.

Early Christians celebrate mothers day during fourth Sunday of Lent in honor of the Virgin Mary. Mothering Sunday.

Celebrate mom

How Will You Celebrate Mother's Day?

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What is a mom?

There are many meanings to the word MOM. She stands for so much.....A jack of all trades....

Although some women never have kids or cannot have kids, that doesn't mean that we don't all have motherly roles......the same can be said where, should a girl not have a mother, she can have many motherly type figures. Some called spiritual mothers. I consider myself to be a mother to my dog.

In merriam-webster dictionary, mother simply means, maternal tenderness or affection. A woman in Authority: the superior of a religious community of women; or, and old or elderly woman. A female parent.

Mother verb : to give birth to (a child) : to be or act as mother to (someone) : to care for or protect (someone) like a mother.

We can fit into so many of these titles. So to all the moms out there. Happy Mothers Day!

Here's to Moms!

Mother's Are Angels

To MOM! A Message from Soul Pancake


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A beautiful hub on Mothers Day. I miss this day, always. Too far from home.