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HD wallpaper of lord ganesh for desktop 2015

Updated on October 16, 2015

Lord Ganesha is the most worshiped demigod in India. Although lord Ganesha is worshiped whole year but especially in Ganesh Chaturthi festival which falls in between august-September, he is worshiped with pomp and show. This festival is celebrated all over the country. Especially in the Maharashtra state of India, it is celebrated in style. There you will see the statue of demigod Ganesha from small size to very big.

As the worshiper of lord Ganesha, you always want to keep picture or wallpapers of lord Ganesha with you. So here I am giving top 10 beautiful wallpapers of Ganesha ji in this hub so that you don't have to search all the websites in google.

Lord Ganesha is giver of wisdom to his devotee. He is most pleased when you worship him with open heart and lot of devotion(shradda). If you place a flower ,water with devotion, he will be more pleased rather placing crore of rupees without devotion.

Ganesh ji servant of Supreme Lord Vishnu or Krsna

Every demigod whether it is Indra, goddess Durga, Ganesh ji or lord shiva, working on the order of supreme lord Sri Vishnu or Krsna. They are working as the servant of the lord Vishnu to manage affairs of this universe. Ganeshji is one of such servant of the supreme lord.

There are two sons of lord Shiva and parvati.One is head of demigods army katikayen and other is Ganesh ji. They are very dear to their parents. Ganesh ji specially dear to mother parvati because he is younger and naughty.

Once it has been discussed that who is more intelligent, katikayen or Ganesh ji.There was a test put up by their parent that who will circumvent the earth 3 times and comes first, he will be considered more intelligent.

So Ganesh ji circumvent his mother and father but Sri katikayen plainly circumvent earth 3 times. According to Ganesh ji circumventing the mother and father is equal to circumventing the earth.So Ganesh was decalred intelligent by lord shiva and mother parvati.

There is a very interesting story about the trunk of Ganesh ji. Once when mother Parvati is going for a bath, there was no one to keep guard in the door. Therefore, she made a statue from mud and made him an alive human child with his power. She told the child that I m going for a bath , guard this place and don’t allow anybody inside until I come out.

After sometime, lord Shiva came and entered in to the room .The child stopped him and said that it is my mother’s order to not allow anybody inside. As lord Shiva doesn’t know about the boy. Hence, he said where is your mother. The child didn’t know about the name of his mother.

The debate between the two went on for some time. Ultimately lord Shiva in angry mood chopped the head of child and entered the house. When mother parvati saw him, He asked about the child. Lord Shiva said you are talking about the child who was standing in the door. Mother Parvati said yes.

Lord Shiva said I have chopped the head of that child. He was very stubborn and stopping me to enter the house. Hearing this mother parvati reached the spot and begins to cry. Parvati has requested to give life to boy.

Lord called his associates and told them to bring any person head in earth who is sleeping with his direction of head in north direction. His associates went to earth and found one elephant who was sleeping with his head facing towards north. Associates took the head of elephant and went to lord Shiva .Lord Shiva with his power attaches the head of elephant on Ganesh ji half body and made him alive.

About Demigod Ganesha

At Last

These top wallpapers are very good for your desktop screen. Other than that it can be saved in mobile also.Ganesh ji is very merciful.By these wallpapers in our desktop, laptop or mobile,we can remember him all the time.This way we can keep ourselves from bad thoughts also. Hope you will like all Ganesh ji pictures.

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