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Updated on December 28, 2012

How would you define Christmas? Beyond the Biblical sense, and I try not to venture into Religion, Politics, because everybody believes what he or she wants to believe in their life. I for one, will not get into a religious debate with individuals, nor will I argue politics. However, I will respond to the two since I strayed into the area, as I began to write this hub page.

As far as religion goes, you cannot dispute the fact that we ALL were not created by accident. You cannot dispute the fact that you live on a huge beautiful blue spherical world that is so vast, diverse with human and animal life. A place surrounded by huge oceans, seas, and rivers. This spherical globe revolves around a huge yellow sun that this world is millions of miles away from, yet it fills our beautiful blue skies, and warms all of us.

To even question, that all of this was created by accident, that we ALL were created by , accident, not only here, but what lies here in our solar system, beyond our solar system, beyond our galaxy not only shows that people who believe, all of this was created by accident, it would be arrogant presumption., and ignorance.

Forget about the technology, forget about the Internet, Twitter, cell phones, cars, medicine, let’s strip ALL that away and examine the raw Earth around you, and ask yourself. For those of you who really believe, ALL of that raw Earth and more was created by accident? Seriously…..Anyway, I didn’t want to go there, but now you know what I believe, as for politics, wow. I will sum politics up as such, just like there are good and bad people in this world, there are good and bad politicians in this world too,.

Ok, back to the topic of this hub page. How do you define Christmas? For me, religion plays a part, yet I always look at Christmas, as the moment of reflection for me, a reflection of myself. Beyond the gift giving, dirty Santa games, or racing through countless malls and shops spending money on gifts.

For me, I always examine myself, because I'm my own worst critic, and I’m brutally honest with myself. What did I do to help others? Could I have done more? I always strive to be the same person from a personality perspective, each and everyday.

Sometimes, I find myself laughing at those individuals, who are hot and cold from a personality perspective. I often wonder, how do he or she survive a day or a week in this crazy world, if they have personality mood swings. Those kind of people look at me strange, those who really don't know me, will always question, how I remain so laid back, and relaxed, and even through stressful moments, I maintain my composer, because life is too short to be running around with multiple personality mood swings, and acting as though their life is a total mess, and the sky is always falling on their heads.

I’m not a person with 1001 personalities or moods; I’m just a very laid back, and relaxed man.

Do things happen in my life to disrupt that air of calmness in my life? Sometimes, that happens, but not all the time, and chances are when, a disruption occurs, it’s because I did something to cause it, or yes, I made a mistake when I dealt with a particular situation, yes it happens to me too.

I do, I make mistakes, but I’m not perfect, I don’t profess to be, but I work very hard at not making mistakes, but mistakes will happen, because I’m human.

During, this time I reflect on this whole entire year, things I could have done better. I look at things I have accomplished. You should always examine your accomplishments and failures, learn from them. Learn, strive to be better, be a better person. Learn how to enjoy the moments in your life that are positive moments, don’t dwell on the negative moments, learn from them and move forward with your life.

I think about those who have passed on like my dad, my aunt, etc…You honor those who has passed on, by thinking about how much they loved you, and how much you loved them too. I love being around, talking to those I love, loved ones family, friends, etc.

Christmas, means so much more beyond the buying of things, or what somebody gave you, it’s about so much more. How do you define Christmas in your life? I know how my life defines it, and I hope it has a profound definition for you as well.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



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