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Updated on April 29, 2011

I recently hosted a Fairy Princess party for a good friend’s 5 year old daughter.  I had the best time cooking, decorating, making invitations and games etc so thought I’d share my ideas with you all.  All the kids seemed to have a great day as well, which made it even better to see them all enjoying themselves so much.


When you think of fairy princesses you think of pinks, purples, silver, sparkles etc.  So as you plan the day, you need to keep this in mind and try to keep the theme going the whole way through the party.


We decided to have a dress up party, and as we also had some boys coming to the party, we told everyone to come dressed as a “fairy princess or superhero”, that way we catered for the boys as well.  It was very cute to see all these little princesses and batman’s etc running around!   Make sure you note on the invitation that it’s a dress up party, don’t rely on the little ones to pass this information on to each other!

Fairy Party Invite
Fairy Party Invite | Source


  • You can purchase ready-made invites with fairies or princesses on them or try to make your own.
  • There are numerous places online that can design invitations for you and email them to you for printing.
  • If printing your own invites, pink, purple or silver paper or font will bring through the fairy theme.
  • A nice idea is to roll each invite into a scroll, and tie up with a pink ribbon.
  • Another cute idea I saw when researching for our fairy princess party was – to make the writing on the invites really tiny, as if a fairy had written it! As the invites would then be hard to read, deliver each invite with a plastic magnifying glass. Add confetti or glitter to the invitation envelope so that the "fairy dust" falls out when the child opens it.


Have your fairy party decorations in colours such as pink, purple, gold, silver, etc.  Shimmering helium balloons will add to the fairy theme too. (You can rent helium tanks from party stores or purchase balloons already blown up.)

To make an outdoor fairy garden, place cut outs of flowers, fairies, toadstools on the fences etc.  Some party shops sell cut-outs but if you are crafty, you can make your own from paper and cardboard.

Make a confetti path leading to the house/party area.  Hang flower garlands, balloons, streamers and fairy lights around the party area.

Decorate the table with a pink table cover.  Make a centrepiece of fairy wings, glitter tree/toadstool, magic wands, castle ...

Party Guess Arrival

Some cute ideas for when your little guests arrive:-

  • Give them magic wands and fairy wings.
  • Sprinkle them with "fairy dust" (glitter or confetti)
  • Paint their faces into little fairies.
  • Give them tiaras or crowns to wear.

Jelly Cups
Jelly Cups
Fairy Cakes
Fairy Cakes
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Food and Drinks

  • Jelly Cups - Plastic cups ½ filled with jelly, let it set slightly and then poke in some jelly babies and cover with sprinkles. (You can use any flavour of jelly or even mix flavours to create a rainbow effect. Instead of jelly babies, try snakes, jelly cars etc – simply adjust depending on the type of party you are having).
  • Fairy Wands - Mini bread sticks, ½ dipped in chocolate (can use white, milk or dark) and covered in hundreds and thousands.
  • Fairy Cakes – Make a simple vanilla (or chocolate) cupcake recipe. Cover with pink frosted icing (butter cream is perfect) and pretty pink sprinkles.
  • Fairy Bread – Who doesn’t love fairy bread, even the big kids love it! Butter bread, sprinkle with hundreds and thousands and cut each slice diagonally into four triangles.
  • Sandwiches – Cut the crusts off the bread and cut into shapes with cookie cutters (eg flowers, stars etc). Sandwich ideas – Cheese & Vegemite, Honey, Jam, Nutella etc. Even with the chips and lollies on the tables, the kids love eating these as they are cut into shapes and seem more appealing than their normal cheese & vegemite sandwich!
  • Pink Marshmallows – Place marshmallows into bowls on the table – can pop some into the take-home goodie bags as well.
  • Sliced Watermelon & Strawberries on platters – You can always dip the strawberries into chocolate, yum!
  • Strawberry Wafers
  • Fairy Floss – Either hire a machine (or buy one, they are so cheap these days) or buy pre-packaged from the shops and put into a big bowl.
  • Chips, Dip, Crackers – All kids love chips and it is a party after all, just don’t go overboard with this.
  • Fruit & Vegetables – You’ll be surprised what the kids willeat if it looks different to how it would normally look, ie cutting it into a different shape, changing the colour etc. Fruit – melons cut onto balls with a melon baller, cutting decorative edges. Vegetables – cut carrot/celery into long sticks and serve with pink cream cheese (tinted with some food colouring or beetroot juice).
  • Fruit Skewers – Thread assorted fruit pieces on a small bamboo skewer (to lesson injuries to the children I would cut the pointed tip off after threading the fruit on!). Would only use this one for slightly older kids, and make sure you collect all the skewers after the kids finish eating.
  • Anything else you can think of that fits into the pink or sparkle theme .......


If you are wanting something a little more substantial food-wise (ie, if the party is over lunch), you might be interested in some of these options

  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Mini Hotdogs
  • Mini Hamburgers
  • Frankfurts (with lots of tomato sauce)
  • Sausage rolls



  • Water – Always have plenty of cold water as some kids prefer (or are only allowed) water.
  • Cordial – We hada big drink container (one of those ones with the pourer on them) filled with orange cordial and the kids could just help themselves (although most still asked).
  • Fairy Punch -: Fill a punch bowl with lemonade or lemon-lime. Add raspberry sherbet just prior to serving (best to do this at the table) and let the kids watch it fizz and bubble away. Then ladle the “Fairy Punch” into glasses for the kids.
  • Pink Lemonade

Pin The Crown on the Princess
Pin The Crown on the Princess


  • Pin the crown on the princess or Pin the Star on the Fairy – a variation of “pin the tail on the donkey”. I made my own fairy and lots of little crowns for the party I hosted, but I’m sure you could find something in the shops.
  • Fairy Freeze or Fairy Musical Chairs - Play music and have the kids dance around like fairies. When the music stops, they have to freeze. Anyone who moves is out of the game. The last person left is the winner of the game. Or for Musicals Chairs, once the music stops each child needs to find a chair and sit down. Take 1 chair away each time and the next time, one child won’t have a seat and will be out of the game.
  • Fairy Hunt – Copy pictures of fairies and cut them out. Hide the fairies throughout the party area. (Can also do this with wands, eggs, etc). Write or draw clues to where each one is hidden and have the kids find them. With the clues, this game is suitable for older kids, for younger kids simply do similar to an easter egg hunt.
  • Balloon Game - Give inflated balloons to all your party guests. The object of the game is to hit the balloons up into the air, and keep them afloat for the longest time possible. Fill the balloons with glitter before blowing up to add that extra sparkle.

  • Jumping Castle - You are looking at $160 upwards (Sydney, Australia prices) to hire a jumping castle for the kids. We did this and it was a huge hit. But just remember, if you have the jumping castle, you will have trouble pulling the kids away to play other games. And you will inevitably have at least one fight/ /injury/crying child!!

  • Pass the Parcel – Wrap up a big gift and then wrap newspaper or wrapping paper around it in layers – putting presents in between each layer. All party guests sit in a circle and you play music while they pass the parcel around the circle, when the music stops the person holding the parcel gets to unwrap one layer.
  • Another alternative to this is to put small prizes in a box. Have the kids sit in a circle, and get them to pass a large box (filled with smaller prizes) around the circle, while music is playing. When the music stops, the child holding the large box get to choose one of the prizes. They then leave the game, and the play continues until everyone has a prize.

Note that for the above two games, you must have the same number of prizes as guests at the party!

Party Favours

  • For your fairy party favours, give out fairy dust (silver and gold glitter), magic wands, fairy theme stickers.
  • Little girls will also like toy necklaces, rings, brushes, mirrors, tiaras – anything pink or sparkly.
  • Mini note pads, textas, crayons, coloured pencils, fancy erasers are also good.
  • For the boys, throw in a few toy cars etc.
  • Lolly bags – no need to go overboard on this, if you prefer, you can just fill bags with the items above or give each child one bigger present. Alternatively, add a few of the above items and a few lollies into each bag.


You are always going to have some parents that want to stay for the duration of the party, so you need to keep this in mind.


Try to set up a separate table off to the side of the party where the parents can sit. Have some punch or drinks set up there for the parents and some food for them to nibble on. Mini pastries, cheese and crackers, biscuits etc is good.


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