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Ways To Celebrate Valentines If You Don't Have a Valentine

Updated on February 13, 2013


cute, inexpensive but meaningful
cute, inexpensive but meaningful | Source

Share The Love

Every year inevitably Valentines comes around:for some people this may seem like a depressing holiday. For those who have lost their loved one, are still searching for a loved one; kids have moved out, or are just far away from the one. Do not despair, do not be gloom, do not be mad. Does this holiday need to be sad?

The answer is NO!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

As the Chef at my favorite Tepanyaky Restaurant says when he passes bits of food onto one plate then another "SHARE THE LOVE!!"

There is plenty of love to be shared, received or given in plenty of ways to your self or others.


chocolate always welcome!
chocolate always welcome! | Source

Ways to Celebrate and Enjoy Valentines

Here is a list of ways to celebrate and enjoy this happy holiday if you don't have a special someone, and even if you do.

1. On this day pamper yourself (stay within your budget):

go get a new haircut, get a pedicure, book a massage.

Take yourself on a shopping spree to a high-end store or to the dollar store--who cares pick one and go. You don't have to buy a lot, even just one fun thing that you want.

Take yourself to a movie.

2. Share love and appreciation for others: Bake cookies, pies, cakes--whatever your talents is and share them with your neighbors, friends and/or co-workers-- with a note of love and appreciation for them.

Write a note or card of appreciation to a friend, family, neighbor, co-worker who has done something to make you feel loved, supported, or appreciated this year.

3. GIVE SERVICE: volunteer at a homeless shelter, women's shelter, nursing home, rehab

center, clean somebody's house etc.

4. Spend time with others: call a brother or sister, ask if you can babysit for them and take your nieces or nephews out to Mcdonald's, or other fun kid place.

Join church activities, call a friend and do dinner, take your mom or dad out to dinner or movie or just go visit them with a small treat. Call your brother or sister and get together or even invite a neighbor for dinner.

give love to a perfect stranger--like the homeless on the corners. Give a warm cup of soup etc.


Home-Made is great! love jar. filled it with loving thoughts.
Home-Made is great! love jar. filled it with loving thoughts. | Source

Sharing the Love Doesn't Have To Be Costly

Sharing the love doesn't have to be costly to be loving and meaningful, it can be if it's in your budget, but it doesn't have to be.

Make sure you don't ruin a gift by going above and beyond what is within your financial means.

Gives can be a word/note of love and gratitude, small inexpensive treats, home-made or of service.

However you do it Valentine's DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SAD OR DEPRESSING.

YOU can make it enjoyable--it's all up to you.

Enjoy it "SHARE THE LOVE!!"



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