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HOW TO (Throw a Party)

Updated on April 25, 2016

This is it, the crux of the entire blog. As the title suggests, this is how to throw a party. While there may be different ideologies for what constitutes a good party, this web page will tell you how to throw my version of a great party. It will be broken down into different sections so you can easily read whatever sections you want to.


The music is one of the most essential things that a party needs in order to be successful. There are several keys to having great music for a great party. I suggest using Spotify's new party feature, which provides different playlists depending on what type of music you want to listen to as well as the type of vibe you are going for at your party.

Don't play slower songs

If a party is playing slower songs, chances are the people are going to get bored and/or tired. The last thing party people want is to be bored, that's what they have homework for. A slow song screams "I don't want to have fun and I love sitting and being lame". More evenly paced songs will provide the party with a steady sense that the location that they are in is a fun one.

Don't play too hard of music early on

This is the opposite to the last point made. A party that is blaring hard electronic music at 9 pm has the potential to burn out the party-goers very quickly. The fast-paced music can quickly get people dancing and drinking more, but too music like this can run the risk of people tiring out from constant partying.

Keep a good balance of songs

At some of the best parties I've been too, there's a mix of different types of songs. There are often a large amount of dance/electronic songs as well as pop radio hits. In between these and towards the end of the night the music geniuses sprinkle in some oldies that everyone knows and loves to sing along with.

Hopefully this web page can help you to throw a great party. The different sections in this post can help you with anything that you may be struggling with when it comes to throwing a party. If you have any other suggestions, comments, or concerns, then feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email (found in the contact web page).


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