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Halloween Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Updated on September 18, 2014
Bloody bath mat
Bloody bath mat | Source

Halloween Decorating Ideas For Your Bathroom

Have you ever considered decorating your bathroom for Halloween? Many people probably don't even give it a thought as decorating their front yard and living room is more important. That may be true, but by the same token you can create an element of surprise for your guests as they least expect to encounter anything spooky in the bathroom.

Just imagine this... you're having a Halloween party at your home and the guests are enjoying themselves, and probably (hopefully) also admiring some of your scary decorations outside and around the house. Of course, it's inevitable that at least one of them will need to use the rest room. You tell them where it is and in they go. Then all of a sudden you hear a scream. You just giggle in amusement as you know what caused it. As they come out they might berate you for giving them a good scare but hey, it's all in the spirit of the season. Then you both can laugh together.

You know what? It doesn't have to be a party guest that gets scared but just about anyone who enters your bathroom during the month of October, including that favorite aunt of yours. Sounds like fun? Halloween is about the only time when we can get away with a little mischief. So why not get a bit naughty and have fun this Halloween. Following are some Halloween bathroom decorating ideas that can scare the bejeebers out of your friends and relatives.

Bloody Halloween bathroom decor

Reminiscent of "Psycho"

This piece of Halloween bathroom decoration will most likely cause your guests to shriek louder than Janet Leigh in Psycho. Coupled with a shower curtain stained with bloody hand prints (see further down) this bath mat with imprints of bloody footprints will definitely give that horror-movie feel with such an unsightly and terrifying image. Imagine the expression on your mom's face as she shakes her head and maybe try to wash off the "blood." She might give you a little scolding but that's part of the fun!

Warning: if you know someone with a medical or mental condition who could be adversely affected by the experience, you should warn them first before letting them in your bathroom. You don't want your idea of fun to turn into a disaster!

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Bath Mat
Spinning Hat Blood Bath Bath Mat

This Bloody Bath Mat will truly give your bathroom that foreboding sense or creep and an unsettling air of horror - an item that will certainly be hit with your friends and family this Halloween season.


Bloody shower curtains

Get the following items to complement the above bloody mat.

Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain
Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Throw a slasher horror movie party for Halloween and see how many of your guests will scream bloody murder when they use the bathroom!


Spooky shadow shower curtain

If you're not too crazy about bloody and gory stuff, this is a great option. This shower curtain is still scary enough to make an unsuspecting visitor scream. Who is that behind the curtain? A ghost? A crazed killer? Or maybe both (I mean the ghost of a crazed killer)? Ha ha! A timid person would probably run out of the bathroom yelling there's someone in there.

But be careful... you might even get scared yourself when you have to use the bathroom late at night. As you get off your bed, your sleepy head may not remember this piece of Halloween decorating prop (since you just put it up the day before). So, you just turn on the light and... Boo!

Present Time Silly Scary Shower Curtain
Present Time Silly Scary Shower Curtain

It looks creepy but without the blood and gore.


Halloween toilet paper holder

Imagine this grinning skull staring at you while you're sitting on the toilet doing your "business." As you reach for the toilet paper you hesitate for a second and wonder whether that creepy looking thing will come alive and grab your hand or maybe emit a shriek that will make you jump. Well, there's only one way to find out now, right? And you've got to do it unless you want to leave without wiping which would be kinda gross!

An eerie grinning skull watching you in the toilet

Gifts & Decor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder
Gifts & Decor Halloween Toilet Paper Holder

This unique decorative piece provides an unexpected addition to your Halloween bathroom decoration set up and will ignite interesting conversations with your guests.


Halloween toilet toppers

Don't underestimate these simple and cheap Halloween decorations for the bathroom. These toilet toppers can bring a lot of laughter from your guests this Halloween. They adhere to most smooth surfaces without the use of adhesive, and can be removed and reused many times.

Peel 'n place zombie hand

Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet Topper
Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place Toilet Topper

Features a spooky and gross hand of a zombie which looks like it's about to rise out from the toilet seat, and try to grab on yours and pull you into the toilet!


Peel 'n place spiders

More Halloween bathroom decorating ideas

These Halloween bathroom decorating items may not be that scary but are still quite unique and add to the eerie vibe of the season.

Decorating your bathroom for Halloween

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