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Halloween Carols

Updated on August 26, 2014
Halloween carolers at your door this Halloween?
Halloween carolers at your door this Halloween?

In a few weeks a radio station here in Detroit will begin playing Christmas music. I think they start playing those familiar carols the day after Halloween and continue through Christmas Day.

"It's hard to believe in a few weeks the Christmas music starts," I joyfully said to my bah humbug co-workers and one of them retorted by saying, "I want to hear the Halloween carols!"

So I started thinking. Are there Halloween carols and could radio stations actually play them for two consecutive months? I started doing some digging and found that yes Morticia there are "carols" which could get anyone in the mood for the second most popular holiday.

After grabbing The Billboard Top 1000 Singles: The 1000 Biggest Hits of the Rock Era (1955 to 2000) by Joel Whitburn, I went through the song titles and found there are some classic songs which could make any upcoming Halloween party a success (when it comes to music that is).

Sure there are the novelty songs Purple People Eater (Sheb Wooley) and Monster Mash (Bobby "Boris" Pickett) which always puts one in the Halloween spirit, but would you ever think of FJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Nightmare on My Street) or Ray Parker, Jr.'s Ghostbusters as Halloween classics? I would have never thought so.

Spooky by Atlanta Rhythm Section or Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon might pass but there are songs devoted to almost anything that goes bump in the night.

It's no surprise that the Devil appears in many song titles. You have Devil Inside (INXS); Devil or Angel (Bobby Vee); Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band); Devil With the Blue Dress On (Mitch Ryder) and Devil's Gun C.J. & Company. I wonder if when the Devil goes to Georgia does he do it in drag wearing a blue dress while carrying a pea shooter? It's a sight I really wouldn't want to see.

Then of course there are the women. There's Cher's Dark Lady; Electric Light Orchestra's Evil Woman; Crow's Evil Woman Don't Play Your Games With Me and we all know these evil women are doling out Love Potion Number Nine to geeks who can't get a date.

But these women have to end their Evil Ways (Santana) and just decide to cross over and become a witch or better known as a Witchy Woman (Eagles). While they practice their Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra) they can count on their local Witch Doctor (David Seville) because sooner or later these ladies might hear a chorus of Ding Dong! The With is Dead (Fifth Estate).

And if they're lucky enough to marry the Devil, they can be known as Devil Woman (Cliff Richard). The height of being a witch if you're the Witch Queen of New Orleans (Redbone).

(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult) if you plan on going to a Haunted House (Gene Simmons~ not the Gene Simmons) if you're planning on entering the Twilight Zone/Twilight Zone Manhattan Transfer or Twilight Zone Golden Earring.

And remember when out on a night before Halloween be prepared to do the Batdance (Prince) since they only come out at night and always think you'll be having a Thriller (Michael Jackson) of a good time.


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