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Halloween Carols Part 2

Updated on August 4, 2014
What's your favorite Halloween Carol?
What's your favorite Halloween Carol?

Music for October's Festivities

'Tis the time for ghosts, goblins and those dreaded Halloween parties. Even though you've had an entire year of worrying about a costume, maybe your party host should be thinking about what music they'll be playing.

While the Halloween season isn't a high priority on my list, a few years ago I did offer my services when it came to potential music. Since it has been a few years (and I've done a little more research) here's a wide variety of songs which radio stations should play throughout the month of October. In some parts of the country Christmas music will be starting on Nov. 1 so enjoy these Halloween Carols throughout October but then again, they should start playing them in September. If it works for one holiday, why not another?

The season should start off with This Is Halloween by Danny Elfman (from the soundtrack The Nightmare Before Christmas). It will definitely set the tone for the next few weeks and this should be the anthem for the season. Once you hear this song you'll know the ghoulish season is in full swing.

When we think of Halloween it's the usual suspects who gain the glory, err gory of the season. Witches, vampires, ghosts and zombies seem to steal the show but what about that Psycho Killer by Talking Heads who lives down the lane or the boogeyman living under your bed?

Since the boogeyman's been around for years he doesn't get the respect he deserves but he does with I'm Your Boogie Man by both KC and the Sunshine Band and White Zombie. You'll know he's an uninvited guest when he walks into your Boogie Wonderland (Earth, Wind and Fire) on one of those Boogie Nights (Heatwave) wearing his Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes (Claudja Barry) and has the Boogie Fever (The Sylvers) which of course you don't want. On a medical note you'll know you have the fever when you start to hear Voices (In the Night) but only After Midnight (Fantasy).

For years Alice Cooper has said Welcome to My Nightmare and what a nightmare it is. In his nightmare you'll meet up with All You Zombies (The Hooters), some Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon) and possibly a Dark Lady (Cher). Just don't get Lost In The Shadows (Lou Gramm) if you're Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline) since there's a good chance you could run into some lost boys and your Whisper to a Scream (SoHo) may not be heard.

Whenever I go Into the Night (Benny Mardones) to Trick or Treat (Fantasy) I always get the feeling that Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell) so I don't Clap for the Wolfman (The Guess Who) since that type of Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra) can only lead to trouble. Whether it's the Love Potion #9 (The Clovers), the Poison (Alice Cooper) or The Sweetest Drop (Peter Murphy) I keep reminding myself it's just Magic (Olivia Newton-John) and Superstition (Stevie Wonder).

While I'm Desperate to Survive (Obsession) another Halloween I don't want to hear those Tubular Bells in the distance, get Beheaded by a Guillotine (Alice Cooper) or get black Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent). Instead I'll Bite off your Face (Alice Cooper) and figure out the Methods of Madness (Obsession) to why the Teenage Frankenstein (Alice Cooper) down the street is doing the Bat Dance (Prince).

Afterall, It's a Nightmare (It's Just a Dream).


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