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Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Halloween Party Tips and Ideas

Updated on November 4, 2011

Something is coming! Can you feel it in the air! Are you ready...?! It's almost Halloween! Don't let it creep pass you this year. Let this year be the year you go all out.

Break out those pumpkin carving kits, spider webs, and black lights! Instead of sitting around all night watching scary movies, why not instead host a Halloween party your friends and family will not forget.

Here are some great Halloween decoration tips and ideas for the outdoors as well as the indoors to help make your halloween party legendary.

Outdoor Halloween Decorations - Frightening Up Your Front Yard

Graveyard Scenes-

These are favorite outdoor halloween decorations among Halloween fans for welcoming in your guests and trick-or-treaters.

To pull off a fun and creative graveyard scene, you'll need to purchase a few decorative head stones. Then, square off the area in your yard with a few grave site fencing props.

If you're willing to splurge a bit, set up a coffin prop on your porch. It is important to draw attention to the area in your porch and yard with colorful lights or strobe lights.

For a comical effect, find some old shoes and place them, half buried but sticking out of the ground in front of the grave stones. You can also arrange skeletons or random bones around the grave sites.

Pumpkin Deco-

It goes without saying that you have to carve or paint pumpkins. Any respectably decorated house at Halloween needs pumpkins outside.

You can buy little tea light battery operated candles to place inside the pumpkins so that you don't need to involve any kind of open flame around your doorway (those are also wonderful for any kind of lantern you may want to line your driveway with).

Some people like to decorate with some hay bales around their yard to display pumpkins or any other decorative items they have. Which brings me to my next items...!

Lawn ornaments!!!

But not the traditional flamingos and lawn gnomes, oh no...(although some gnomes might just qualify as being scary enough!).

Halloween stores sell terrific outdoor yard decorations to liven up the front of your house. There's the witch thats flown into a tree, the skeleton lawn flamingos, and a number of other cool things you can find on the internet or at a local store.

Wicked Windows-

Don't let your windows go unnoticed either. There are tons of fun window decals or peel and stick figures to have fun with.

Indoor Halloween Decorations - Haunting Home Decorations

Now that you've successfully lured your unsuspecting party guests into your house with your wonderful outdoor halloween decorations, it's time you dazzle them with the inside of your (soon to become haunted) house too. Here's how...

Rule number 1!

You can never use too many spider webs. Now, there is an art to making a realistic looking spider web from that mass of white fuzz you buy in a bag.

The thinner you stretch out the web, the more realistic it looks. This stuff can go a LONG way, so push it to the limit... and then hang some more!!!

Also, if you order some glow in the dark webbing, it will look super spooky under a black light.

Rule number 2!

Lighting is everything when it comes to decorating indoors. Invest in lots and lots of orange and purple string lights.

Try to get to the point that allows you to turn off any over head light, and just rely on the extra halloween lighting you arranged.

Battery operated candles are most excellent, and generate more light than you would think.

Place the string lights around the room on the floor, and illuminate the room with the candles and mood lighting. Black lights come in handy in darker areas.

Rule number 3!

Accessorize accessorize accessorize! Give your guests fun things to look at all throughout your house.

Hang bats from your ceiling, cast eerie shadows on your walls, sprinkle those little plastic spiders everywhere. You get the picture.

Gettin' the Party Started

So you've lured your guests inside with your fabulous outdoor halloween decorations, hypnotized them with your mesmerizing indoor halloween decorations, and now... it's party time. Here are some ways to set the scene with memorable halloween party decorations...

Turn up the tunes!

Have your music pre-selected before the party gets started, that way, you won't have to keep messing with it during the festivities.

Check out this article for great Halloween party music ideas. The music really sets the mood for the party, so choose wisely...

Setting the Scene-

It doesn't hurt to rent/buy a smoke machine for an occasion of epic proportions such as this.

Place it in a centrally located area, like under a coffee table, by a doorway or by all the food (any location where the smoke machine will get the attention it deserves).

Freaky Food-

The next step is to make some freaky food. Presentation is everything here. You can go with something as simple as arranging a veggie tray in the shape of a pumpkin, or you can go with something more complicated such as lunch meat turkey roll fingers.

It's really all up to you. But, make sure each dish reflects a halloween theme.

Games and Activities-

Lastly, have some halloween party games or activities set up to help people loosen up. Classics like bobbing for apples or a good ouija board game are always fun.

Costume contests help ensure your guests will get in the spirit of the night. If you don't want to fully commit to a full blown costume party, you can request that your guests wear simple face masks, face make-up, or have them bring a simple prop like a witch's hat or fun wig.

If you need some quick and fun costume ideas, check out this article for funny homemade costume ideas.

I hope some of these ideas inspired you to go all out this year for Halloween! Have a spooky holiday!


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      kims3003 6 years ago

      Great ideas - very helpful - nice writing style too.