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Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples and Pairs

Updated on April 13, 2015

Halloween: The Spookiest Time of the Year!

October 31st is Halloween, the most exciting, thrilling, and, of course, spookiest time of the year. Halloween is the one night that you can be anybody or anything that you want! You can be scary, funny, hip, cool, cute, and the list goes on. There is a costume or accessory for just about any type of character you choose to be.

You don't have to dress solo for Halloween. This list of Awesome Halloween Costumes For Couples and Pairs will give you great ideas for dressing up this holiday. Some of the ideas that you see listed here offer similar examples of costumes. The list of ideas is really endless so maybe if you don't find your perfect costume here you can at least become inspired and think of one that suits you better.

It's never to soon to start planning your Halloween costume!

Cave People Costumes

You can purchase caveman and cave woman costumes and accessories at just about any large department store around Halloween time. As well, you can easily make the costume for yourself.

You can find some old brown sheets (or sheets that you can make really, really dirty) and tie a rope around your waste. Mess up your hair a bit and put some makeup or dirt on your face. Wear old shoes or boots and try to dirty them up a bit, just not so much that they're difficult to wash afterwards. Then, if you can, try to find a large piece of wood to use as a club. You may be able to purchase a small plastic bone to tie in your hair.

Flintstones Costumes

Why be just any caveman or cave woman when you can be celebrities? You can shop for Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes online and in stores, or any of the other characters for that matter, or you can try your hand at crafting your own costumes. The Flinstones are definitely a classic couple and so are Barney and Betty Rubble (the best friends of the Flintstones). If you're not a huge fan of this cartoon or can't seem to find the right costumes, there are a ton of other classic animated couples to choose from. Think back at what some of your favorite cartoons and t.v. shows were.

Doctor and Nurse Costumes

We've seen people wearing both doctor costumes and nurse costumes so why not go together as a couple? You can even choose the type of doctor or nurse you want to dress up as. You typically see girls dressed up as "sexy" nurses but there isn't anything wrong with going as just a regular-looking nurse or even a super scary nurse or zombie nurse. There are really quite a few ways that you can switch things up.

If you want to be scary, get some fake blood or other Halloween makeup, tear your clothes up or make them dirty, or even dust some white powder on your skin and face to portray a ghostly appearance.

Caesar and Cleopatra Costumes

This is a great Halloween costume idea for couples. You can choose to purchase full costumes or attempt to create your own. You will probably have to purchase headgear or other accessories but you may have the perfect dress right in your closet. Then, for Cleopatra, just put on a bit of makeup and attempt to design it in an Egyptian/Cleopatra style such as super stretched eyeliner.

With sandals, a toga-style outfit, and a head piece, you can have your Caesar.

Angel and Devil Costumes

You can never go wrong with angel and devil costumes. They're a great choice for friends or couples, male or female. Just make sure you agree on which one wants to wear the devil costume for Halloween and which one wants to wear the angel costume. Maybe you can make a deal to switch halfway through the night!

Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf Costumes

You might be able to throw together your own Little Red Riding Hood costume by purchasing a large red scarf or other red cloth that could act as a hood. Then you could decide the rest of your costume - do you want to be playful and dress in a little skirt and stockings, or do you want to wear a long, warm dress? The last thing you would need is a basket.

The wold costume would be a bit more difficult to make on your own so you'd be better off purchasing a wolf mask. These are easily found during the Halloween season. Some stores also sell gloves or mitts that can be used for wolf hands. As well, you can always purchase or rent a full wolf costume.

Alice in Wonderland and The Mad Hatter Costumes

What a classic couple of characters these two are. Both of these costumes would be fairly easy to create, or at least somewhat inexpensive to purchase the accessories for them.

The Mad Hatter would of course need a top hat. He would also wear an unusually, funky blazer and pants, maybe a size or two too small. As well, he may even wear some funky makeup.

Alice would need a short-sleeved baby blue dress and white apron. She would also wear white stocking and black shoes with a matching black headband.

If you're not a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland you can try to pick from some of your other favorite classic films and stories.

Mermaid and Sailor Costumes

The mermaid and sailor Halloween costumes aren't seen too often so it's not likely you'll run into another couple dressed the same way as you. If you already have a sailor uniform, all the better! Otherwise, you can probably find both of these costumes for a relatively decent price online pretty much any time of year or in a store during the Halloween season.

If you don't want to wear a whole sailor's outfit, how about opting for a hat and fishing pole?

Just like other couple's costumes, you can have fun and switch it up. Dress as the sailor if you're a female and the mermaid if you're a male. This costume set has a few options you can use to switch things up. You can add a ghostly look to your costumes by adding some white powder or paint to your skin and face, or by using some fake blood and makeup. You can change the age of your look by changing your hairstyles to match those of the '20s, '50s, '60s, and so forth.

1950's Flashback Costumes

Dress up like you're living in the 1950s by styling your hair in a ponytail or greasing it back, wearing a leather jacket and tight, white t-shirt or poodle skirt.

You might be able to find all of the items you need at a thrift store. Once you get your outfit, you'll only need to style your hair. If you want to play the spooky role, get some makeup or fake blood and dress up like 1950s zombies or ghosts.

Ketchup and Mustard Bottle Costumes

Ketchup and Mustard bottle are fairly simple do-it-yourself Halloween costumes for couples or friends. It doesn't matter if you're male or female for this one.

All you need are one yellow and one red sheet (big enough to fit over and cover most of your body). You can create your own by purchasing some fabric or colored cloth. As well, you can wear your won cloths underneath to stay warm and nobody will see a thing. Just try to keep with your colors of red and yellow.

You would also need a couple of pointed hats to complete your ketchup and mustard bottle costumes. If you can't find pointed hats, regular paper birthday hats would work fine. Just paint one red and the other yellow. Then paint a black circle on the top of each to illustrate the opening of the bottle.

If you want to make your Halloween costume even more obvious, use black paint to write the word "ketchup" and "mustard" on the front of your sheets.

Similar Costumes:

There is a huge variety of bottles, condiments, and similar costumes to choose from. Some examples could include:

Salt and Pepper shakers
Hot dog and Bun
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Cinnamon and Sugar
Fork and Knife

Police Officer and Prisoner Costumes

Dress up as a prisoner with his or her prison guard or police officer. It doesn't matter who plays which role, both males and females are suited for each. Go with a friend or your significant other.

Baseball / Hockey / Football Player and Referee Costumes

This costume set is probably easier to pull off if you already have one of the uniforms. If you're a hockey, baseball, basketball, football, or other sports player, you can use your own uniform. Referee shirts, whistles, and caps can easily be found online or at some retail locations during Halloween.

This is another costume set that you can play around with a little. Maybe you want to pretend that you were both killed in a terrible accident during the playoffs. You can purchase makeup and apply it to your face and skin to appear dead or injured.

Cheerleader and Football Player Costumes

If you're dressing up for Halloween as a male and female couple, this is a really fun duo costume. It doesn't even have to be the male as the football player or the female as the cheerleader, you can mix it up.

If you don't want to be a cheerleader, there are referee costumes available as well.

Are you dressing up in a costume next Halloween?

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