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Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

Updated on October 6, 2010

Choosing a Halloween costume for your baby can be one of the most fun things a new parent can do for the holiday. When considering a costume, make sure that it is something your baby will be comfortable in. Also, consider what the weather will be like if you will be outdoors with your baby and plan appropriately—forego the sheer princess dress for something heavier and warmer. Also make sure that there are no parts of the costume that your baby may swallow or that may cause any other harm. Here are some costume ideas for your baby this Halloween.

1. Pumpkin

What better costume to choose for your baby than a pumpkin—a classic Halloween icon? You can make one out of orange and black felt. Fix the felt to a onesie or a small dress, and fill it out with some sort of stuffing to make the pumpkin appear round. Then cut out eyes and a mouth out of the black felt. This costume will be warm as well as cute. Alternatively, you can buy a pumpkin costume, as this is a popular choice for babies.

2. Princess

Princess costumes are popular with girls of all ages. Largely due to the popularity of the Disney “princess” series, costumes are available in all different types—your baby can be Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora. Alternatively, you can choose a more generic princess costume sold at many Halloween shops. A pink dress can be easily made into a princess costume by adding a crown.

3. Bugs

A wide variety of insects make adorable baby costumes. Dress your baby up as a ladybug, a bee, or a firefly. The smallness of bugs makes bug costumes ideal for babies. This costume can be a good choice if you will be spending time outside, as a bug costume will likely be made of warm material and will act much like a blanket to wrap your baby. Coordinate with other families with babies to make a whole group of bugs!

4. Sports fan

Halloween can be a great time to get your baby started in rooting for her favorite team! Onesie jerseys or costumes with your sports team’s logo will turn your baby into a bona fide fan! Dress up the entire family to match and you will have an entire fan base. You can dress up your baby as a popular sports figure or mascot as well.

Image Credit: iguana_box, Flickr


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  • Christine S profile image

    Christine S 7 years ago from Australia

    Some great halloween costume ideas for babies Lela. Aren't they just so adorable when all dress up.