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Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet Cat

Updated on March 9, 2014

Cute Cats Intro

If you’ve always wanted to dress kitty in a costume for Halloween, you’re in luck. These ideas are just perfect for the special cat in your life. Keep in mind, however, that cats aren’t the easiest of animals to get dressed or to keep dressed. But you know your kitty best. If you can get her to wear the costume you pick out, she’ll look like the most amazingly adorable creature ever. You can find these costumes at online stores, but here are some ways you can make them yourself.


The Diva Kitty

Since your kitty is your princess, why not dress her to look like the cat's meow. You’ll need a dollar store doll tiara. They’re usually plastic. Attach an elastic to it with a glue gun so it will stay put. Then, create a sheer chiffon robe in pink. Take a piece of sheer chiffon and cut it to size to flow over your cat’s back. Then, attach a length of feathery boa from the craft store. She’ll look like royalty in no time.

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The Cat From Hell

This is cute to make or buy. Make your little devil into a little devil. After he got into the Halloween treats, it might seem all too fitting for him. Create a cape out of red satin and add strings to tie or elastic to hold it on. Then, create a hood that has two pointy devil ears. You can cut out a hood and glue on two horns or you can get a devil headband from a craft or dollar store and attach it to the hood. Add on a tail. Adhere it to the hood at the bottom hem.


The Cat in the Hat

It's not surprising that a Dr. Seuss baby shower is very popular, and the same Dr. Seuss fans will find this costume absolutely irresistible. Turn your cat into a storybook character with a tall hat. You can purchase these hats at toy stores. They’re made to go on small Cat in the Hat dolls.

Or you can make it yourself with some felt. Cut a length of white felt and roll it to form a tall tube. Glue the ends together. Then, add thick red stripes around the band of the hat. Add a circle of white felt to the bottom. Attach to kitty with a length of elastic or string. You can also add a tuxedo bib to mimic the Cat in the Hat’s body. Make it out of black satin or felt with a white overlay and add a red bow tie. Too cute!

Cute Kitty Costumes


Little Lion

Make a lion’s mane for your little house lion. Take the strands from a clean mop head or use thick yarn. Wrap the strands around a loop of elastic and hot glue on. You can dye the mane brown if you’re using the mop head. Or you can stain it with tea stain. Just boil a pot of tea with any tea bags. Let the mop head steep in the tea and when you pull it out, it will be a lovely antique brown color. For a tail, use a length of brown felt with more yarn or mop head strands puffed into a pouf. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the pouf to the tail. For the body of the lion, drape a section of tan or brown felt over kitty and measure her body length. Cut the edges of the felt into curves so it looks like you draped a fur coat over kitty. Hot glue the mane to the body and the body to the tail.

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    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      Gosh! These cats are just so cute. The one from hell looks hellish.;) My personal favorite is the one with the flowers around him. Awesome.

    • janices7 profile image

      Janice S 7 years ago

      Nice to see a lens dedicated to cats for Halloween....seems like most are all about dogs. Fun ideas and I love the cat in the hat. Very cute!

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 7 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      These are too cute. The Cat in the Hat is a natural. I know some cats that wouldn't let themselves be dressed up, but then again, I've seen some who do allow it.

      Nice hub. It made me smile. Thanks Pinkchic.