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Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Updated on September 28, 2010

Halloween costumes can be fun for dogs as well as humans, so this Halloween, treat your pet to some silly dressing up too! When choosing a costume for your dog, take into consideration what will be comfortable for him to wear if you are wanting to take him out trick or treating with the family or walking any distance. Also choose a costume that fits his personality and size. Finally, consider coordinating your dog’s costume with the costumes of your family members. Here are some costume ideas for dogs.

1. Bugs

If you have a small dog, there are many bug costumes available that look very fetching. Ladybugs are popular, as well as spiders and other insects. If you have two small dogs, consider dressing one as a bee and one as a flower for a matching look.

2. Emergency Personnel

If you have a large dog, dressing him in the costume of emergency personnel can be fun. Dress your dog as a police officer or a fire fighter (if your dog likes to “attack” the water coming out of your garden hose when you water the plants in the backyard, a fire fighter might be just the thing for him!). Many dogs might also make good forest rangers.

3. Super heroes

Super heroes are not just for kids! If your dog loves to run and jump, make him Superman, Spiderman, or the Flash. These kinds of costumes play into the feistiness of high-energy dogs and can really encapsulate your dog’s personality.

4. Flowers

If you have a dog that loves to sit in your lap and snuggle, a flower can be a great costume. Many dog flower costumes feature the dog’s face as the center of the flower, with petals coming from the back of the dog’s head.

Final Tips

To get the most fun out of your dog’s costume this Halloween, make sure his costume fits him well. If you are ordering a costume online, be sure to order it in plenty of time to return it if it is the wrong size. A costume that is too tight and uncomfortable for your dog will take the fun out of the costume. Also, unless your dog is accustomed to wearing dog boots or something similar on his feet, do not order a costume that includes shoes, as you will probably spend most of your Halloween evening trying to get him not to chew them off!  

Image Credit: istolethetv, Flickr


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  • Karen N profile image

    Karen N 6 years ago from United States

    Very cute ideas, there is just something so adorable about a little dog in a Halloween costume.