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Halloween Costume Ideas for Work

Updated on April 25, 2015

Every couple of years my company surprises us with plans to have a costume contest at work on Halloween. Usually this is sprung on us a couple days before Halloween so I have to quickly come up with an outfit. I have found very few resources on line to help. Here are some work appropriate ideas!

Individual Costumes

1. A Nerd - Wear high wasted pants, big glasses and a pocket protector.

2. A Day Off - Wear a sign that says November 1, 2012. When people ask you what you are, tell them your a day off.

3. Housewife - Wear a robe and curlers in your hair.

4. Harry Potter - Wear a blue sweater, red and gold striped, and thick black glasses. Draw on lightning bolt scar on your forehead.

5. Leaf Blower - Wear regular clothes and a hat with a leaf hanging down in front of your face. When people ask, blow on the leaf and tell them your a leaf blower.

6. Black Eyed P - Wear a P around your neck and give yourself a black eye, with makeup, of course.

7. A Shot in the Dark - Dress in all black and tie a shot glass around your neck.

8. Static Cling - Dress in regular close but pin random pieces of clothing to you.

9. Ceiling Fan - Wear a sign that says "Go Ceilings".

10. Three hole punched - Like Jim from "The Office" you could go as a Three Hole Punched. Wear a white shirt with three black dots down one side.


11. Calvin & Hobbes - This is my favorite individual costumes. My son's favorite comics are Calvin & Hobbes. He read's them every day so that is probably why. This costume is super easy. All you need is short blond messy hair (or a whig), a red shirt with horizontal black stripes, black pants, and a stuffed tiger (or a friend dressed as a tiger).

Group Costumes

1. Scooby Doo Crew

2. Crayons - Each person in the group dress in a different color

3. Umpa Lumpas from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

4. Dr. Suess' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

5. The Adams Family

6. 101 Dalmations - Everyone wear all white with black spots.

7. Angry Birds

8. Zombies

9 Bridesmaids & Bride - One girl could wear a white wedding dress and the rest of the group could wear fancy dresses in the same color scheme. This would be even better if it was a group of guys.

10. Smurfs


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