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Halloween Costumes For Those Who Don’t Really Want To Try Too Hard

Updated on October 28, 2009


As I’ve said on many occasions, I’ve just never been that much into Halloween but I understand that there are people out there who will be dragged to parties or whatnot this weekend and yet they want someone else to do their thinking for them or at the very least, give them a solution to the costume dilemma. So here it is, Halloween costumes for those who don’t really want to try too hard – Don’t Get Me Started!

While dead celebrities top the list when it comes to Halloween costumes, I suggest that with any costume, instead of doing the obvious and dressing like the dead celebrity (or imprisoned celebrity or celebrity in general) go as someone from their life or on the peripheral of the situation.

Michael Jackson

·         Go as the doctor who injected Michael. All you need is a syringe, a cell phone and to pay no attention to any of your patients (or party guests as it were)

·         Go as Jermaine Jackson – just wear big sunglasses from the 80’s you have lying around in your drawer, every bracelet within a five mile radius and bore everyone with going on and on about how Michael was “the most important person in the world”

Bernie Madoff

·         Men go shirtless and just tell everyone Bernie Madoff took the shirt off your back too – to complete the costume you should have a foreclosed home and a set of keys to a Bentley

·         Go as Ruth Madoff – blonde bob wig, glasses and whenever someone talks to you just say, “no comment”

Jon & Kate

·         Ladies, paint this phrase on a t-shirt, “Yeah, I slept with Jon Gosselin too”

·         Men, cover yourself in Ed Hardy clothing and go as Jon’s friend…guess what? You’re an asshole too

Additional Ideas

·         If you’re a brunette and have two friends who are brunettes and you can get your hands on some black men, just dress slutty and you’re the Kardashians

·         Wear no costume and just tell everyone you’re on a reality show that you know is going to be a huge hit and next year what you’re wearing this year is going to be THE costume

·         If you hang with a fashionable crowd, wear something from and go as “last season”

·         Buy some fangs – vampires are very in this season. For an added boost to the costume, slap some white powder on your face

·         And if you really want to protest the whole Halloween scene even while going to a Halloween party, just write on a t-shirt, “H1N1 Carrier” (or just slap a sticker that says, “H1N1” on your man purse and then you’ll actually be carrying H1N1, get it?)

 And that’s Halloween costumes for those who don’t really want to try too hard – Don’t Get Me Started!

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