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Halloween Costumes for Adults 2009

Updated on November 7, 2009

Halloween always falls on October 31st. Halloween is the one night of the year believed to be when the spirits of the dead could come to earth and join the spirits of the living. People wore ghoulish costumes as a way to trick the evil spirits and be safe from them. This year in 2009, Halloween falls on a Saturday which makes it much more fun. Halloween is right around the corner. Most people put in a lot of thought into their costumes and think about what to wear that special night.

Exciting Halloween costumes for men and women are available everywhere in stores and online based on various themes. Picking up the right costume for a special occasion like Halloween can be a difficult thing to make sure you get what you want. Now Halloween no longer remains a kid's holiday today. People of higher age-groups are equally ‘spell-bound' by the spirits of Halloween ! While men go for scary Halloween costumes, women prefer to charm in more feminine and coquettish costumes on Halloween.

Men's 2009 Halloween Costumes

Batman The Dark Knight Adult Costume: The Joker will never be a problem for him. Batman assumes the day-to-day identity of Bruce Wayne a wealthy business man, under whose cover he operates. The darkness of batman the character comes from the fact that he witnessed the murder of his parents after which he vowed to live a life devoted to the prevention of crime. The two main characters in his life are his butler and Robin, his associate on the various mission he undertakes in his batman costume.

Hulk Halloween Costume
Hulk Halloween Costume

Adult Hulk Inflatable Costume: The Hulk is on the loose and in search of the formula that will finally free Bruce Banner of his inner beast. The Incredible Hulk movie this year has really made Hulk costumes the "in" thing. Take a look at this cool inflatable Hulk costume, complete with a jumpsuit and a mask.

Star Wars: Darth Vader Adult Halloween Costume: You'll rule the galaxy! Born Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader is the tragic hero in the Star Wars films and one of the most notacible villians of all time. Become the dark lord of the sith in one of these officially licensed Darth Vader costumes.


Hellboy Halloween Costume
Hellboy Halloween Costume

Fun Halloween Men's Costume 2009

Hellboy Adult Costume: An official movie costume. Although born in the flames of hell, this guy was raised to be a hero. Hellboy has a very strict costume in the films and comics. First Hellboy is entirely red with filed horns and a tail. His right arm is very large and is used for most of the destruction. In your costume you will need to have a red skin suit with the arm, and face.

Blue Man Group Costume
Blue Man Group Costume

Blue Man Group Halloween costume: You can purchase the blue, Blue Man Group mask online for less than $20.00 each. Besides that, you only need to wear black pants and turtle neck shirts and do weird random things. It might be fun to choreograph an act for some point during the party.

The Flintstones: Fred Flintstone Adult Costume: Have a yaba daba doo time! Fred costume includes a wig, tie, coat with collar, cuffs, and feet; 5-piece set. Pair with Wilma or Pebbles costumes. The Flintstone costume is so easy to make! if you decide to make your own halloween costume, search google for flintstone costumes and you will find many easy to make ideas right away.

Check out all the costumes in more detail and buy them at cheap prices that offers deeply discounted prices on Sexy Halloween Costumes. You will not be disappointed! At least you will have fun looking at the wide variety of costumes and interesting ideas.


Women Halloween Costumes
Women Halloween Costumes

Women's 2009 Halloween Costumes

Voluptuous Vampire Costume: Any full-figured vampire would love to be caught undead in this striking ensemble. Makes a great Halloween Costume for Women in 2009 providing a lot of fun for family and friends.


Mom-to-be costume
Mom-to-be costume

Mommy-to-Be Devil Costume: Even with a little devil on the way, you still know how to sizzle. Costume includes horns, and dress with brooch;

Woman Pirate Costume
Woman Pirate Costume

South Seas Piratess Adult Costume: You're sure to get attention from everyone on board dressed in this lacy dress and head scarf;

Betty Boop Adult costume
Betty Boop Adult costume

Betty Boop Adult Costume: Be adored and be sultry as the world's beloved 1930s "Queen of the Animated Screen." Every woman has a little Betty Boop inside and costume parties are a great place to show off your "boop oop a doop." Betty Boop, the first cartoon leading lady, hit the screen in the 1930s. With a figure based on that of Mae West and the high, little girl voice, Betty Boop was a vixen long before Marilyn Monroe ever hit the silver screen. In classic Betty Boop style, the dress should be low cut or strapless and fit snugly around the curves of your body. Look for a pair of high heels to match your dress. Wear bright red lipstick and apply red toned blush to the apples of your cheeks in a rounded motion. Enhance your figure to achieve a Betty Boop silhouette with an uplifting bra or inserts. Finish off your Betty Boop look with a red, white or black feather boa and carry a stuffed white spotted dog. It will so much fun to wear this all time favorite Halloween costume.


Star Wars Leia Costume
Star Wars Leia Costume

Star Wars: Princess Leia Adult Costume: Become the legendary Star Wars diva in this flattering disguise.

She's a beautiful slave princess...

Who is very lucky to have good friends and family that help her escape from nasty Jabba! ...Still, it's a fun costume, so she wears it out now and again, just for kicks! ...And you can, too! It includes a teal bikini-style top with gold straps and detailing, eggplant bikini bottoms with an attached long loincloth and a decorative gold-tone belt. A gold-tone choker and arm band with velcro closures are also included. Top off your authentic space style with the gold-tone hair clips

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    • profile image

      Alexa B 7 years ago

      These are some pretty creative ideas for adults! Adults need to remember that there's no reason to have to tone it down - have fun on Halloween! Glad I found your site. Feel free to visit mine as well!

    • toneyahuja profile image

      toneyahuja 7 years ago from India

      Nice blog adult Halloween costumes ideas are rare on sites our site is one of them see more costumes ideas for adults what do you think about the changing trends in costumes for adults?

    • profile image

      Vampire Costumes 7 years ago

      Dracula and vampires are some of the most common and popular costumes for halloween and if you did not know the lady buy costume was one of the highest selling costumes.

    • profile image

      Prosperity66 9 years ago

      I love Hulk's costume, lol!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      I looove that Betty Boop costume. It has given me a great idea, thanks!

    • Nicole Winter profile image

      Nicole A. Winter 9 years ago from Chicago, IL

      These are a huge step up from my usual yearly costume! Every year I go as Arthur Dent, which requires nothing more than a white man's cotton t-shirt, thin blue pajama pants, slippers & a robe. At least a couple people get it each year, which is rewarding, but as my boyfriend rightly insists; "It's just an excuse to legitimize your wearing of pajama's in public." I wouldn't *mind* going as a voluptous vampire one of these years, though.... That costume is sizzling!